View Full Version : Size What size C&C Cage is best for two female pigs?

09-18-09, 08:57 pm
I have two female pigs. I made the mistake of buying a pet store cage. Then I found this site, so now I am planning to make a C&C Cage tomorrow. I just need to know a few things:

1. How large should a C&C Cage be for two females?
2. How much coroplast will I need then?
3. How many grids will I need?
4. How much will it all come to?
5. What else do I need for the C&C Cage?
6. Have you been satisfied with your C&C Cage?

Thanks in advance guys.

09-18-09, 10:11 pm
Read over Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com). It will give you most of your info.

09-19-09, 12:00 am
1. Minimum size for 2 females is 2x3. If you have more space, I'd say go with the biggest size you can.

2. 1 sheet of 4'x8' is big enough for a 3x6 if you use 3.5" sides rather than 6" sides that was recommended on the homepage. If you use fleece, 3.5" sides are ok. For loose bedding, 6" sides will be better.

3. For 2x3 cage you'll need 10 grids (2+3+2+3) if you don't build a stand. For 2x4, 12 grids (2+4+2+4). You just need to count all the sides.

4. Are you talking about price? I got a 4'x8' sheet of coroplast for $10 and grids for $12.99+tax. So the total price would be less than $25. One box of grids from Bed, Bath and Beyond contains 16 grids. You'll have more than enough grids to build a huge cage.
Places where I got my supplies:
Coroplast: GE Polymershapes, Branch Locator (http://www.sabicpolymershapes.com/polyshapes/PShapes/branchlocator/branchus.jsp)
Grids: Bed Bath & Beyond - Silver Stacking Modular Storage Cube Set (Set of 4) (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13652600)

5. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on bedding, you should get fleece.

6. I love my C&C cage. I'm not sure who enjoys it more, the pigs or me. :D

10-03-09, 06:58 am
2 x 4 but bigger if you have enough grids and if you have enough I would make it a 2 x 5 or even a 2 x 6 (if you have the space and the grids)

you need a 4 x 8 sheet of coro

you need 12 grids to make a 2 x 4 and 14 to make a 2 x 5 and 10 to make a 2 by 3 and 16 to make a 2 x 6!

I dont know about other people but i paid 38$ for my cage the grids were 19.99 = tax so 22$ and my coro was 16 dollars no tax!

and all I needed was a box cutter a ruler and a straight edge for cutting a marker and some white duct tape!

I love my c&c cage but I think my pig loves it more!