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09-14-09, 07:24 pm
(I don't know if I posted in the right section)

I adopted Kitty from a shelter. I've had her for a little over a month now, and she has developed a large belly. The shelter said she was only there for a week before I adopted her.. so she is atleast 5 weeks along. My guess, a lot more. This is the first litter I've had, or will be caring so I'm kind of new to this. I've done some research, but plan on doing a lot more. She is currently in a multi level C&C cage with other females. Would it be best to separate her into a single level cage?

Here are some pics of her




09-14-09, 07:31 pm
She certainly looks pregnant. You don't have to separate her as long as the cage meets the minimum requirements for the existing females. The existing pigs will act as aunties. :) Try not to pick her up too often and if you have to, use the piggy elevator. There's also some more nutritional needs but I'm not positive on them so I'm sure someone else will answer that part. Good luck and keep us updated!!! :D

09-14-09, 07:45 pm
Here is a pic of the cage she is in. She is housed with the other rescue (her sister) and 2 other young girls.


I have been holding her daily, sometimes quite a few times. But, I def. will let her be now. I feed Oxbow pellets, oxbow hay/grass, fresh veggies and treats here and there. She has grown a lot with in the past week.

09-14-09, 07:48 pm
She most certainty looks pregnant. Make sure she gets alfalfa now, extra calcium as the babies will suck it out of her. I'd baby proof the cage before they come, and since you don't know when I'd do it soon. Like Vicky said try not to pick her up often, use a piggy elevator if have to. You don't have to seperate them at all if the cage meets requirements. If there is any complications make sure you have a vet lined up in case of emergencies. I'm sorry but thats all I can think of for now, I'll come back if I think of more.

09-14-09, 07:51 pm
As since I didn't see the picture since we where probably posting at the same time. If you can I'd make it one more out so it would be a 5x2 instead. But it looks good I like it.

09-14-09, 07:52 pm
Ditto to expanding to at least a 5x2. Also, do they have bedding?

09-14-09, 07:57 pm
She will need either alfalfa hay (in addition to grass hay), alfalfa-based pellets, or veggies containing extra calcium (i.e. parsley).

Your cage is too small and too divided. The recommended cage size for four girls is a 2x6. You have a 2x4 now, but they can't even use all the space because of the way the levels are. You should rearrange it so they have an entire 2x6 area to run around in. Keep in mind that upper levels don't count toward space--in fact, the space of the ramps takes away from running space. And don't forget to baby proof the cage.

Definitely make sure you have a competent vet lined up and that you know what to do after hours. Pregnancy complications, including death, are very common. Do you know roughly how old she is?

Good luck! She is very cute!

09-14-09, 08:18 pm
I have been giving alfalfa and parsley from the beginning. They all love it. I do have an exotics vet lined up, I already use this vet for my rats. I have towels, blankets, aspen and YN as bedding, I switch it out. If I had to guess age she is definitely under a year. Maybe around 6 or 7 months?

Piggly is I
09-14-09, 10:15 pm
You might also want to switch to Oxbow performance food, I hear its better for little pigs and prego moms. And definitly alfalfa hay. Make sure your pig proofed too. Hope everything goes well for your piggie. luckily she might be the right age for minimal complications.

09-14-09, 11:50 pm
You might also want to switch to Oxbow performance food, I hear its better for little pigs and prego moms. And definitly alfalfa hay. Make sure your pig proofed too. Hope everything goes well for your piggie. luckily she might be the right age for minimal complications.

Im assuming that is a different form of the oxbow pellets? I buy the oxbow brand now, but I didn't know there were different forms of it.

09-15-09, 02:21 am
Im assuming that is a different form of the oxbow pellets? I buy the oxbow brand now, but I didn't know there were different forms of it.
Oxbow has 2 types, well, actually 3 types of pellets for guinea pigs.
1) Oxbow Cavy Cuisine - Timothy hay based pellets for guinea pigs older than 6 months.
2) Oxbow Cavy Performance - Alfalfa based pellets for guinea pigs younger than 6 months and pregnant and nursing sows. This type of pellets are not recommended for older pigs because of the calcium. Too much calcium can cause stones.
3) Oxbow organic pellets. I don't know the official name of this one, but it's timothy based. I heard someone mentioned that it has some questionable ingredients. So you might not want to feed this one.

If you other pigs are older than 6 months, you might want to cut down the alfalfa hay and parsley. Parsley is high in calcium and should be feed sparingly.

For the pregnant sow, if you feed timothy based pellets, you can supplement with alfalfa hay (in addition to unlimited grass hay). If she shares the cage with older sows and you don't want them to have access to alfalfa, you can feed her extra parsley during lap time.

By the way, your cage looks awesome. But it's too small for 4 pigs. They should have 2x6 cage. Since one is pregnant, you might want to expand it to an even bigger cage. Who knows, you might end up with 4 pups or more.

Don't forget to baby proof the cage and separate the male pups at 21 days.

09-15-09, 02:51 am
Ohhh i had no clue about the food! I just buy the 5 pound bags at PetSmart, the Cavy Cruisine. Maybe The others would be available at a feed store? I didnt really know the difference between alfalfa and timothy either, thanks for explaining that! All my piggies are rather young. What age is considered an older pig?

09-15-09, 02:59 am
Wow.. you're up late. Actually, cavy cuisine is ok to feed. Just supplement with alfalfa hay or give them extra parsley. Alfalfa pellets are for babies up to 6 months.
By older pigs from my last post, I meant pigs older than 6 months should get limited calcium. And 6 months are not considered old since they can live up to 7 - 9 years.

09-15-09, 03:05 am
HAHA your up late as well! I work at a bar/club, so my sleeping is all kinds of messed up! But, I get what your saying now! I know oxbow is a good brand, a lot of rat people feed that so I figured that would be the best for the piggies that I could buy at the petstore. Is there a better brand that I could buy? I want to feed them the best. I tried a couple of different brands, but i think the oxbow was the most liked, or that could be all in my head haha. How often should parsley be given, like once a week for older than 6 months?

09-15-09, 03:16 am
Haha I work 9-5 and should force myself to go to sleep soon. lol

Parsley can be fed 2-4 times a week. If you haven't seen the food chart, you should check it out.
and http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/24770-sample-veggie-menus.html

The best pellets and hay is Kleenmama (only available online).
Kleenmama's Hayloft :: Home (http://kmshayloft.com/)
I love the bluegrass.

Oxbow is a good brand, many people here recommend it. There's another brand that's also good. It's called sweet meadow. Sweet Meadow Farm | Rabbit and Guinea Pig food | Horse Riding Programs (http://www.sweetmeadowfarm.com/products.html)

09-15-09, 03:26 am
Thanks for all the help! I'm still not familiar with this forum and I get kind of lost. haha. I'm also a newbie to the guinea pig world so i appreciate all the help everyone!
Ugh, I cant imagine getting up that early! Thats about the time I fall asleep! You should definitely head to bed ASAP! haha!

09-17-09, 12:31 pm
...still no babies. But, she is doing that beached whale thing when she eats. Poor girl! I cant wait to see the babies, (hoping for a small litter). I have no idea what the daddy looks like, so these babies are going to be a total surprise. If it is a small litter, ill be able to keep everyone. (making a new cage)

09-17-09, 03:59 pm
Just wanted to add some pics I just took. :) I was feeling on her stomach and I felt a baby move. It was seriously the coolest thing!

Playing on MySpace with me haha

Beached Whale pose.

Her belly.


09-17-09, 04:27 pm
She is beautiful!! Seriously, very gorgeous girl, I know she's gonna have some cuties!! Can't wait to see the babies either, ugh, I'll never have babies, I guess that's why I chose boars instead! You never know right! Esp. when you are getting them from a rescue. Good Luck, awaiting babies....

09-17-09, 04:54 pm
Thank you! All babies are cute haha but I have a feeling she is going to have some really gorgeous babies! She was surrendered from a hoarder, you should of seen some of the guinea pigs in the shelter, beautiful piggies! I didn't even consider the possibility of her being pregnant, both girls were rather bony. So, I didnt even put two and two together, I thought the weight was due to them being fed the proper diet, but obviously she has babies in there! It sucks not knowing when her due date is. I wake up every morning anxiously waiting!

09-17-09, 05:09 pm
Please defiantly post pictures of the babies after she has them. We cant wait to see them. Mommy is beautiful. But you said she is around 6-7 months old? Please be careful as this is the age where pregnancy problems can accrue. Other then that keep us posted and good luck.

09-17-09, 06:08 pm
I don't know her precise age, but by her size I do not think she is close to a year. I'm hoping she is younger, because I would hate for her to have any problems! I'm watching her like a hawk believe me! I will be posting pics of the babies once they arrive! How many do you think she will have?! and thanks!

09-22-09, 11:42 am
Do piggies have water that breaks like people? I just checked on her and there is a huge pile of water, like the size of a pancake in her cage. Its not from the water bottle, so thats the only thing I could think of. Excuse me if thats a totally stupid question.

09-22-09, 12:21 pm
My girl had her babies when I was asleep. The only thing different about the cage (well, besides the 4 newborns) was a few bits of bloody Carefresh and a smear of blood on the coroplast. No water breakage as far as I could tell.

09-22-09, 01:42 pm

Good luck on the babyproofing, and fleece might help keep the little bobbins in perfect comfort. :heart:

09-22-09, 02:54 pm
Do piggies have water that breaks like people? I just checked on her and there is a huge pile of water, like the size of a pancake in her cage. Its not from the water bottle, so thats the only thing I could think of. Excuse me if thats a totally stupid question.

I would call the vet if I were you. If they are anything like human, they will need to deliver the babies right after the water break.

09-22-09, 04:22 pm
Any update? I am very excited to see the babies! Hoping that the babies and momma are healthy!

09-22-09, 06:02 pm
Each pup would be in it's own amniotic sac. The mom would break the sac once they've delivered the pup. I'm sure it would be possible for a single sac to break before delivery but then you'd need emergency vet care.

Is it possible that she just pee'd a whole lot?

If in doubt get her to the vet, the sooner the better as you never know what can happen with a pregnancy.

09-23-09, 03:03 pm
I need advice. 3 days ago her belly was huge, hard, and her skin just stretched to the max. It even appeared her weight moved down like the babies were fixing to come. Now, her belly seems to be a little smaller, and soft. Im kinda worried because of all the horror stories you hear about. I called the vet but the exotics doctor is out until tomorrow, so I went ahead and made an appt around lunch time for tomorrow. Why would be belly soften up, do you think the babies have died?

09-23-09, 03:11 pm
Can you feel the babies move? Is there an emergency vet you can take her to?

09-23-09, 03:14 pm
She acts like she doesnt want to be touched, more than her usual just run away self. I thought i felt a kick, but they arent as active as they were. Ill try and feel on her belly again, but it doesnt feel like it use to..

09-23-09, 03:41 pm
I'm only going by human pregnancy here so bear with me. Can't hurt to try. At this late stage of her pregnancy she'd probably hate to be picked up. Try and feed her some veggies let her relax and after a few minutes feel her sides and under side of her tummy. You should feel a baby move . Give it a try and see what happens.

09-23-09, 03:44 pm
Have you tried calling other vets in the area? If her water broke, she should be seen by a vet immediately. If she hasn't delivered 24 hours after the water breaking, there is a chance of infection.
I'm posting this as a reference to human pregnancy and the water breaking situation. Sorry I can't find any article about guinea pigs water breaking.
“What Do I Do If My Water Breaks During Pregnancy?” | Womens Healthcare Topics (http://www.womenshealthcaretopics.com/bloggingpregnancy/2006/05/19/what-do-i-do-if-my-water-breaks-during-pregnancy/)

09-23-09, 03:46 pm
I just fed her some veggies, im going to try and feel on her tummy.

09-23-09, 03:51 pm
I know you can't compare pigs to humans but its worth a try. A human would lay down on her left side after eating and count the kick over 60 minutes. Nomal is 6 kicks or more. Less than 6 is warning. But i really would take her to an emergency vet.

09-23-09, 03:52 pm
It took a couple minutes of me pressing on her belly but i felt what Im pretty sure is a kick. But, the babies use to be soooo active. Why would they be inactive now?

09-23-09, 03:59 pm
This is pretty cool. I'm training to be a mid wife so this is good practice.
As the pups get larger theres less room in mamas tummy for them to move around . It's normal near the end of pregnancy for movement to slow down. But you should still be able to feel the odd kick.

09-25-09, 09:56 am
Any updates?

09-25-09, 10:47 am
Kitty went to the vet yesterday as a tag-a-long because I had a recue bunny needing some serious TLC, but the doctor felt on her belly for a couple of minutes, he said he thinks she will be fine. He felt some movement which I was having trouble feeling. He thinks she will deliver soon. This wait is killing me!

09-25-09, 10:51 am
Thats great news. At least you know the babies are doing ok.

09-25-09, 10:54 am
Im still really nervous though! I hate not knowing when she is due, I just dont want the babies to get too big and have complications. I work nights too, I hope I dont miss it!

09-25-09, 10:58 am
Is there any way you could tape the cage and her while you are at work? I know its kinda odd, but at least then you could know exactly when the babies are born and what is going on with her while you are not home. Thats what I would do. :)

09-29-09, 01:09 am
Are there any updates about your piggy yet?

09-29-09, 01:31 am
no.. still waiting.. it seems like she should of had them forever ago.. but the vet said she was fine..

09-30-09, 10:35 am
Well, today is my Bday and Kitty had her babies. Unfortunately, 1 was born undeveloped and hairless, like it died in the womb, the other two were fully developed but they werent moving and it looked like she started to eat them. Im seriously so let down.

09-30-09, 10:37 am
They will do that??? I'm sorry that it happened on your birthday.

09-30-09, 10:47 am
I guess if something is wrong with them then the mother can tell. Like with rats or rabbits.. but I didnt expect to see what I saw. It was quite shocking.. and it totally ruined my day. Ive waiting patiently sooo long and we even had a vet visit where he said everything was ok even when i didnt think everything was. I dont know if they were dead when they were born and then she started eating them, or if they were alive and she killed them. Im disappointed either way, its such a let down.

09-30-09, 11:30 am
I'm so sorry for your losses. It is such heart breaking that she did that.

09-30-09, 11:36 am
If it makes you feel any better I don't think she killed them. Guinea pigs will eat their stillborn young to clean up the site and keep predators from finding the mother or her living babies. This also helps replenish all the energy the mother lost in the birth. Its totally instinctual. This is the sole exception to the guinea pigs are herbivores rule.

09-30-09, 11:40 am
I'm so sorry, that would be really horrible to see. I hope your birthday gets better and that your momma piggie continues to do well.

09-30-09, 11:48 am
In this case Kitty was probably malnourished from the beginning of the pregnancy as she was a rescue and didn't have enough energy to produce healthy babies. Here is another similar case, where the mom just didn't have enough energy.

Babies (http://www.guineapigfun.com/jasmine/babies.html)
Vet Visits (http://www.guineapigfun.com/jasmine/vetvisits.html)
Jasmine: A Rescued Guinea Pig (http://www.guineapigfun.com/jasmine/index.html)

Its always sad to loose the little ones.

09-30-09, 12:05 pm
I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad the mom made it through okay. I hope your birthday gets better!