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09-09-09, 03:25 pm
hi my real name is kadija which some people have a problem pronouncing so my friends and family call me Dee Dee so you can call me Dee Dee too.! i own two parakeets by the names of cookie&creamhttp://i605.photobucket.com/albums/tt137/lovablepanda_D/P1020735.jpg and i hope that they get along with my soon to be piggy.i am new to owning piggy and i hope it will be a wonderful expericence. i dont have a little piggy now but my friend Gogrette guinea pig Demi whom she got over the summer is pregnant yay!!!she said that i could have one of the pups!!right now i am proving that i am responsible to my mom enough to own a piggy :)Anyway i hope i have a great time!!oh just in case want to know what mommy to be Demi looks like here's a video:YouTube - My cute Guinea pig Demi (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhAFkhk-shU)
YouTube - Guinea pig having fun! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJD7DNNFqIc)

also Demi was brought from a petstore and when Georgette went to get her a check up she found out but we both don't know who or where is the father:weepy::sorry:

09-11-09, 04:03 pm
Welcome to the site! :)

09-11-09, 04:30 pm
Welcome to GPC! Do you have an idea on when Demi will have her pups?

09-11-09, 04:34 pm
Welcome to the site!

Piggly is I
09-11-09, 05:20 pm
you have a very cute piggie, such pretty colors. welcome to the site other wise and i hope you learn lots of cool stuff.:D

09-11-09, 06:11 pm
Welcome, glad you found the best GP forum there is!!! Hope you learn everything you want to or are looking for, most likely its here somewhere!!