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09-08-09, 07:11 am
Hello everybody!

I have been roaming through this website for a very long time and cannot believe how misinformed I had been all these years. This site prompted me to change the care I used to give to my lovely babies and I cannot thank you enough for this.

I used to have a pair of adorable guinea pigs, for whom I decided I would build a lovely roomy C&C cage. While in France this summer, I ordered the cubes to bring back with me. Unfortunately, on my last day at my parents' house, I learnt that my lovely baby Lancelot had passed away. He would have loved this roomy cage. :weepy: I miss him terribly and still often cry while thinking of how cute and cuddly he was.

My second guinea pig, Percival, is now friendless and I can see his human friends are not enough for him, so I have been calling a few rescues around here, and I should hopefully find a new furry friend for my shy -but VERY dominant- Percival.

I don't know why, but I find it very hard to build and reorganise the guinea pig housing, as I am always thinking of my lovely Lance. I know this is silly, and I know that Percival will be happier in a 2x5 cage. It's just me, the stupid human, who is incredibly emotional :sad:

After my baby's death, I also rescued a lovely neglected rabbit. I have a soft spot for animals, as you can see. Don't you worry, he's not housed with the guinea pig, I know better than that thanks to you :)

I hope to learn many more things about these lovely creatures that guinea pigs are. I totally fell head over heels in "love" with guinea pigs, probably because I cherish their non-threating and non agressive nature.

I am a cavy slave! :)

09-08-09, 08:01 am
Welcome! I'm sure your pig and his future friend will love their new cage!

09-08-09, 08:46 am
Hi akstrohm!

Thanks for your message. I certainly hope they'll like it! I'm really sweating over it.