View Full Version : C&C Alternatives Linoleum??

09-06-09, 09:54 pm
I saw Linoleum is an alternative to coroplast. I have coroplast on the main level, but my dad doesn't remember what he did with the extra. I want to add a little loft and maybe expand to a 2x4 or something. I was wondering how well it worked, and if you cut it just like coroplast. Thanks!

09-07-09, 08:53 am
Does anyone know???

09-07-09, 09:26 am
I used it before I found coroplast. It cuts easily but isn't as solid as coroplast. It's more, I guess I would say floppy. I punched holes in it with an awl and used zip ties to keep the sides up. If you have a chewer, they may chew on it.

09-07-09, 02:59 pm
Hahaa! Alright thanks! It would be a in a 1x3 section so it might push the sides a little I think. If my pig chews on it, what can I do to make her stop that? I'm positive linoleum isn't good for a little piggy's digestive system!!

09-07-09, 04:28 pm
If my pig chews on it, what can I do to make her stop that?

What are you planning on using for bedding? When my pigs did it I clipped the fleece up higher so they couldn't get to it anymore.

09-07-09, 04:31 pm
I use fleece, but I already cut it so that it just folds under the towels. I might be able to figure something out though....Thanks!