View Full Version : is this ok?

08-29-09, 02:16 pm
I just got a new little piggy. I was told shes about 3 weeks old, so shes isnt too big yet. I was just wondering if the hay rack I made is ok for her. Its just made from an old check box and some zip ties. I plan on making a bigger one, once shes a bit older.


08-29-09, 04:37 pm
That's a more than ok hay rack. It's a great idea to keep hay off the floor, good job and keep up the good work.:cheerful:

08-29-09, 04:49 pm
Congrats on your new pig!
The hay rack is fine, nice idea too.

08-29-09, 05:02 pm
IT looks good to me. It's hard to tell if youhave already or not from your pic, but be sure to babyproof your cage. Babies can often fit through the grids.

09-18-09, 11:17 am
that looks really cool! I was thinking of doing something like that too? would it work if I put an empty rubber glove box on the floor with hay in it?