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Rattie Mom
08-28-09, 06:28 pm
I haven't been here for a quite a while (ya'll know how time gets away from us, huh? :)). So I thought I'd do a little reintroduction. Since I'm not new, I thought I'd post here. But mods, please feel free to move this where appropriate. :)

I have 6 wonderful piggies. 5 girls and 1 boy (neutered of course). We also have a dog, cat, 2 bunns and several ratties. I'm relatively new to piggies, only having mine a year. But I have over 9 years experience with rats and hope to contribute to the rat forum too.

My husband recently built our piggies a beautiful huge hutch style cage. It's the equivalent of about two 2x5 cc cages with a ramp so they can go between the levels. They really love the hutch and it's so much easier to keep clean than our old cc cage.

Here are of my gang and their home.

08-28-09, 06:45 pm
Hi there! Your cage is lovely, though I think your estimate of size might be off by a bit. If that's a normal grid in the window, it looks like your internal space on each level is, at best, a 2x4-- too small for 6 pigs to share.

Rattie Mom
08-28-09, 07:19 pm
The exact measurements are 60"x33" for each level (2). According to the measurements guide on this site's main page, I believe that is big enough for 6 pigs.

Although I would love to have a bigger hutch, it was all we could fit in the space we have. But our piggies do not seem the least big cramped, and are pretty darn happy and spoiled. :D

08-28-09, 07:22 pm
That cage looks great! I'm sure they Love It!

08-28-09, 07:27 pm
Hi Debbie! Bout time I see you on the forum again. *Waves*

I will probably post tomorrow about Eddie's trip to the vet and hope you chime in on the thread.

Good to have you back on the forum.

08-28-09, 08:41 pm
Debbie! Woohoo!

08-28-09, 09:24 pm
Hello, welcome back. I don't know what I would do without the help of this site. Thanks to all.
Absolutely love your cage, hubby did a great job. We are looking to redo all of our 5 cages with taxes next year and may incorporate your idea if you don't mind. Great job.