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08-28-09, 03:11 pm
Well, let's just say I'm very excited to announce that my Dad ordered Light Blue Coroplast today(Will Arrive on Monday) and we're getting grids tonight!!!! And I might get a new laptop tonight but that's not important :) So my cage might get built Monday night!lol
Any tips for new builders apperciated! :?:

08-28-09, 03:20 pm
Don't get too frustrated. I tried to build my cage late at night and got extremely annoyed with the grids. But the grid part is pretty easy. I didn't use coroplast so I can't help you there. But good luck and can't wait to see your cage I'm sure it'll be awesome

08-28-09, 03:36 pm
Thanks so much!

08-28-09, 03:54 pm
Zip tie, zip tie, zip tie! Go wild! Go Crazy! Zip tie, zip tie, zip tie!

BUT: Some people like to leave one side open for easy open and removal of the coroplast, but mine just lifts out pretty easy.

Also, some grids tend to have an orientation and an "out" side. We kept these all pointed the same way.

Finally, we have to tie our water bottle to the cage because the hooks leave the spout resting on the bars, which causes leaks.

08-28-09, 04:15 pm
And you couldn't have posted this update on your last C&C thread why?