View Full Version : Cubes/Grids to give away in Melbourne!

08-28-09, 06:53 am
Hi guys,

I have 20 grids (with more than enough connectors) to give away. I downsized from 9 guinea pigs to just 1 pig so needless to say the cage had to be downsized too.

If you want/need any, just send me a PM.

I live in Kensington area (near flemington about 5 km from melbourne CBD)

These grids were bought from Bunnings (I think they were Ibex cubes or something $8.50 for 5)

Was going to sell them all for $20 but it's Generosity Day on my calendar today, so email me to grab some!

Hear from you all soon.


10-12-09, 05:19 am
Hi Shu!

I realise how long ago you posted this, but do you still have the cubes? I'd love to buy them from you!