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08-25-09, 10:32 am
I'm about to go down to a sign store nearby. I just called and they said they sell sheets about 4 x 8' for $30.

Is that large enough for a 2 x 4 c&c cage with like a 6" edge? What would the dimensions of your piece be for that? I'm wondering because I have a small car, and I dont think I could fit that huge piece into my car, so I want to know where I can cut it down without cutting too much off and having it be too small. Please help I only have like an hour or so

08-25-09, 10:50 am
It will fit into a smaller car but you have to roll it and tape it.

A full sheet will do up to a 2x5 cage so you will have enough for your cage with bits left over. You will need to measure the inside of your cage, both width and length to get the proper measurements for your own cage. Remember measure at least twice before you cut and score the coroplast.

08-25-09, 11:15 am
I didn't know you could roll it, does this make it bent or anything if it's left rolled up for about a week? Do you think that's a good deal too? 4 x 8 for $30?

08-25-09, 11:27 am
I've seen higher and lower prices. I pay about $20 where I live for a full sheet.

I've had to roll and tape myself. The last coroplast I bought, I left it rolled up for I think 2 days and when I went to unroll it, it kept the rolled shape. It wasn't bent. I had to lay it flat somewhere with heavy items on top for a couple days to get it to lay flat once again. So I would roll and tape it, get it home then unroll it as soon as you get home.

08-25-09, 11:30 am
I think a full sheet will actually be enough for a 2x6 cage.

08-25-09, 11:32 am
Yea, I made a 2x6 from a 4x8 sheet, and the cage had 6 inch sides.

08-25-09, 11:40 am
I've only done 2x5's will high sides and a 3x4 with 3" sides and not a 2x6 so I was giving answers based on my own experience. It's good to know that you can get a 2x6 out of a full sheet.

08-25-09, 01:54 pm
Check this company GE Polymershapes, Branch Locator (http://www.sabicpolymershapes.com/polyshapes/PShapes/branchlocator/branchus.jsp)

I got 4x8 sheet for $10