View Full Version : cheap hidey houses, toys, and other stuff ?

leelee lexus
08-24-09, 01:14 pm
lol HAAIIIII ! ive got two piggys and am looking for things they would ENJOY ! :rolleyes: they are males and very friendly.
so anything is very helpful to meeee ( and my piggys x] )
so ye thanks in advance :)

08-25-09, 11:15 am
What kind of cage are they in?
If you have searched this site even a little, you will see everyone say the same thing:
GET A C&C CAGE!!!!!!*eye twitch*
And I am one of them. I can sing the praises of a c&c cage all day, but i wont till i know.
As for the houses, you can make them from cardboard boxes lined with a towel. They can chew it, and are disposable. I wouldnt leave them in for more then two weeks, as your piggies will pee in them, and the bottom will soak all that up.
paper towel and toilet paper rolls are good toys, again they can chew it, but its important that you cut them length wise, so it cant get stuck around their heads.
They also sell large hay balls with one or two big holes in them, for the pig to go in.
They arent meant for them to run in, they are made as an edible toy. feel free to PM me if you want! Hope I helped, and welcome to the joy of cavy slavedom!

08-25-09, 11:33 am
A big cage (at least 10.5 square feet) and large piles of hay are great. Also give them lots of places to hide like tunnels or hideys. Fleece cuddle cups or cozies are nice too. They don't play with that many toys, but they really enjoy these simple things.

leelee lexus
08-25-09, 12:04 pm
thanks ! ... i actually have htem in a C&C cage its a 2 story 2x5 grid C&C cage :)
thanks for all the help im gonna try the large hay balls
cause it sound like a good idea ! again thanks for all the help
~ Grace :D

08-25-09, 12:45 pm
I made a cute little mint green fleece sleeping bag for my pigs. As soon as i gave it to them, one of the pigs ran over,gave it a sniff and pooped on it. :( Not impressed i don't think.

The hay tunnels are good also.