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Res Judicata
08-22-09, 01:07 pm
If there's a thread on this and I missed it in my search, I apologize. Please post the link and I will go look at it.

We are moving in a week. Since the pigs will be stressed enough by the move itself, I am taking them over to my parents' house that day where there will not be movers running in and out of the place and all the noise associated with removing boxes and furniture. Roxie is very sensitive to noise and when she gets all nervous she takes it out on the other two. I am planning on keeping them there about 8 hours in a makeshift C&C cage.

How big of a cage will I need for that amount of time? It will contain their hideys, some hay and a water bottle. I am debating pellets because a food bowl will just take up extra space and it is only for 8 hours. Also I am debating putting in a fresh fleece versus keeping in one that has their scent on it since it will be basically a new cage. Which would be better?

08-22-09, 01:15 pm
Even for a temp cage, I'd do nothing smaller than a 2x3 for 3 girls. I would also include a small amount of pellets as pigs are constant foragers.

I'm moving this to the about cages forum as it's more about the temp cage than about moving.

08-22-09, 01:29 pm
I think a 2x3 temperary cage would be fine for 3 piggies, and I would just put a vynol shower curtain down with towels on top of that and then fleece on top of that and I would just make it a clean set that way you're not halling around dirty bedding for there cage and leave the girls there until you have there cage and stuff at your new home ready for them. And deffinately include there pellets and veggies along with there hay.