View Full Version : Happy to join the forum!

08-18-09, 11:23 am
Hi everyone!

I've been reading this forum for about a month now. I can't begin to describe how much it's helped me, especially as a new cavy owner.

I'm a 20 yr old college student, living in New England. I just got my first guinea pig a month ago. I named her Coconut, Coco for short. She's actually my first pet, period. I did some research prior to her purchase, but it wasn't until after I bought her that I discovered THIS forum.

Unfortunately, Coco was a pet store purchase and I didn't realize she needed another cavy companion. So, for now, my daily dose of love/attention/cuddling will have to do until my parents let me get another one. :sorry: Also, her future friend WILL be an adoption, I promise! Will never buy from pet stores again.

Anywho, I've attached a picture of Coco. Hopefully it works, if not I'll eventually get to creating a gallery!

Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I am so grateful for the existence of this forum. Coco and I love you all! :love:


08-18-09, 11:27 am
Welcome to GPC! Cute piggie!

08-18-09, 02:52 pm
Wow, your piggie looks just like my Stephanie!