View Full Version : Weight Loss Change from pet store food to KM pellets

08-17-09, 04:00 pm
I posted this with my nutrition thread, but I thought I might get a better response here. No one was answering the other one.
Alright. So, I just did my weekly weighing of all my guinea pigs and every single one of them lost weight with a range of 9 grams to 42 grams. Could it be because I finally got them on a quality pellet? Maybe they are just taking time to get used to it?

This worries me especially because my youngest pig (only about 3-4 months) lost the most.

Other than the weight change, I haven't noticed any changes in behavior or any other symptoms.

08-17-09, 04:30 pm
It's possible as pet store pellets can be fattening. Are they in a bigger cage than they were and therefore getting more exercise as well? I recently adopted a craigslist pig who has dropped a ton of weight in the 5 weeks we've had him due to getting some exercise and a quality, balanced diet instead of living in a prison with never-ending quantities of low rent pellets.

I had to use an online calculator since I'm not familiar with grams. 9 grams is a fraction of an ounce and 42 grams is a little over an ounce. Per guinealynx, weight fluctuations of an ounce or so isn't yet cause for alarm. http://www.guinealynx.info/weigh.html

I'd keep an eye on the little one if you're concerned about the weight loss and maybe weigh him/her every day or every other day at the same time. If he/she continues to lose weight then I would call the vet for a consult

08-17-09, 06:18 pm
They haven't changed cages, but I have been getting them out more for floor time. I will just keep an eye on all of them. Sometimes I wish i never had this scale because it makes me so paranoid. One of my guinea pigs likes to gain 20 grams than lose a couple and then gain 20 more in between weeks.. she drives me crazy haha.