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02-16-05, 10:18 am
has any one got a rabbit and guinea pig in the same cage i have and they get on extreamly well. i have heard everyone complain about them together but mine are together and they get on fine. am i the only person with a success story?

02-16-05, 11:14 am
They may get on now but there are several issues you should be aware of please read this (They may get on now but there are several issues you should be aware of please read this)

02-16-05, 12:19 pm
It's not that it never works - it's simply that in many, many cases it winds up with the cavy getting injured so many people chose not to take the risk, even if things appear to go well when they're observed. They also have such different dietary requirements that it's hard to give both a great diet suitable to their species if they live together, never mind their social needs.

For more info http://cavycages.com/rabbits.htm.

02-16-05, 07:53 pm
Something I think I would do if the need arose again is if your rabbit and piggie are bonded together and need to be seperated, do it gradually maybe.
I recently took my rabbit out and well away from the piggie and the rabbit died, I was told from stress etc, so perhaps screen them off for a day and every day make them farther apart till they cant eventually see each other or something. Its not just the piggie that can be upset.

Only from a recent personal experience am I saying this.

02-17-05, 03:54 pm
i am not going to seperate them i have decided because today i seperated them for 1 hour while wembley(rabbit) went to the vet my friend then told me bromers was crying (in guinea pig laungauge for him) they love each other and i am not planning to part them they are getting along fine and i think i am just lucky. they have been together 6 months.

02-17-05, 04:04 pm
Right then, don't come back to use when your guinea pig is injured!

02-17-05, 04:15 pm
It can go the other way also Piglet, the bunny could get a bug also.

02-17-05, 04:31 pm
Thats very true, but usually isn't it the pig since it so much smaller? The rabbit could try to mate with the guinea pig, or kick it.

02-17-05, 04:40 pm
I think it depends on the breed, mine was a netherland mini and the 2 were about the same size but yes it could try mate it.. mine was the opposite,, the gp tried it on the bunny.
I'll never put any of mine together again but I still say seperate them slowly.
(over a few days or so)
If they have been together for 6 mths it may be a big shock to either of them to
all of a sudden lose its friend.

02-17-05, 05:50 pm
Oh my god. My bunnies and piggies are in their own cages but during floor time I have either the girls and the bunnies together for a few hours and then I take the girls to their cages and pull the boys out to play with the bunnies but I never have them living together at all. Also I play with them during floor time so that they are kept an eye on.

02-18-05, 06:23 am
my guinea pig is actually bigger than my rabbit he is a dwarf rabbit and the small at that both of them will not get any bigger. they are very happy together and i still think it is a good idea.

02-18-05, 09:32 am
Bad idea! The two species have differing dietary requirements, can transmit disease to each other and it takes only one kick for you rabbit to KILL your guinea pig. Rabbits have very strong hind legs and can easily kill a pig with a single strike. Even dwarf rabbits.

If you do not separate them immediately and find them buddies of the same species, I do not want to hear you crying how your bun killed your guinea pig.

It's a very bad idea. Please do your animals a favor and keep them with members of their own species.

02-18-05, 03:46 pm
I have 2 dwarfs and they both are bigger than my piggies. I weighed them. They weigh 4.5lbs. My biggest piggie is 2.8lbs. so there is the big difference.

02-18-05, 04:00 pm
everybody here is so quick to judge me angelscavies i think i no how big my own animals are and my animals have REGULAR visits to the vets they have no disease. i have no intention of coming to you crying about the death of my animals. i have to boys can you explain to me how i am supposed to put them with their own species. if you noticed when i posted this thread i said i had a sucess story and i was asking for other people to tell me theirs not for them to tell me i am a bad pet owner.

02-18-05, 05:17 pm
Woah, I can't even read your post properly. Do you feed them the same pellets?

02-18-05, 08:39 pm
I agree with everything people here have said apart from the seperate immediately as this could also have a bad outcome for either animal. Rabbits are just as fragile when it comes to stress as a guinea pig and I know this is a GP site but telling her to do something that may well harm her other pet isnt fair.

02-19-05, 02:39 am
i buy a bag of rabbit food and a bag a guinea pig food and mix it in together so they both get their own food. i also when i take them out og their cage i will try and get them to eat there own food.

02-19-05, 04:29 am
There is a post in cavy chat that you should read.

02-19-05, 04:33 am
i have no idea what one u are talking about piglet can you pleace me more accurate

02-19-05, 08:01 am
yes, cavies and rabbits should not be housed together. One kick of the rabbit could kill a guinea pig.

02-19-05, 08:05 am
all of you are so judgemental i asked everyone here do they house there pigs and rabbits together not for all of you to complain about my animals they are fine

02-19-05, 09:34 am
Yes, we answered your question by saying we don't house them together and WHY. This is what I was talking about http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4731