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08-16-09, 08:23 am
My Female, who delivered 4 pups on August 8,2009, had been having a hard time walking during the last stage of her pregnancy, it seemed obvious why because she was so heavy with pups. Now it is just over a week after delivery, and she is still "hopping" with her hind legs instead of taking the normal long walking steps. Her hind legs seem very close together and she does not stand "tall" with the back legs. Front legs are normal. She can get around the cage fine & go up the ramp.

Has anybody seen this, heard about this? Is it an injury or condition or maybe normal for a time after delivery? It all started with being pregnant.

08-16-09, 09:06 am
I have never seen or heard of anything like this but obviously this concerns you so maybe you should consider a vet visit is in order just to make sure she is ok.

08-16-09, 09:08 am
I certainly wouldn't just assume it's related to the pregnancy. It sounds more like an injury or possibly an illness and a vet visit is definitely in order.

08-16-09, 10:00 am
How old was she when she had the pups?
Were they her first litter?
If she's older, and she's never had pups before, she may have been having problems with her hips because of her age.
Just a thought.
You should meantion that to a vet if you take her.

08-16-09, 01:32 pm
Ditto the vet.

Could be scurvy or pinched nerve.

08-16-09, 04:18 pm
Thanks everybody - I was just wondering if these symptoms were a common thing or not - sounds like not...

A trip to the vet would be the best thing to do. Last night I updated my new C&C cage with bedding under a fleece floor. I notice Bella today still hops short distances, but does walk, and she does stretch out when she lays down. Still, she does not walk exactly like Emma and the babies or like she did normally before her last 2 weeks of pregnancy. A trip to the vet is in order.

By the way - What I feed my guinea pigs twice daily is: (1/2 cup per feeding total for each Guinea pig x 2 times per day)
-Romaine twice a day every day,
-either red or green bell pepper twice a day everyday,
-parsley every other day,
-an occasional finger size carrot.
-I just found Oxbow Cavy Cuisine, so that is mixed in now with the current food I was using which is Kaytee Forti Diet Pro-Health. I am switching to the Oxbow Cavy Cuisine, but will mix the two together for at least a week.
-For hay I use both Oxbow Alfalfa and Timothy, Alfalfa because of the babies and my Guinea pigs are under 1 year - however I still offer timothy, although they prefer the alfalfa.

I hope this is not scurvy, I really think the food I feed them has enough vitamin C....maybe now I should check out the nutrition and diet forum...I have read books, visit guinea Lynx etc..but I really like to get current information from here - and the vet.

08-16-09, 04:59 pm
Having babies can be hard on them and zap a lot of the nutrients from their body. She may not be getting enough, esp if she is nursing all those babies.

08-17-09, 09:24 am
Keep us updated on the poor thing, hopefully it's something simple and easily taken care of.

08-18-09, 08:58 am
Thank you...outwardly she seems healthy, moving about, eating normally, but she is still nursing so she gets tired. There is always plenty of food and hay available 24/7 plus the two feedings AM and PM of the veggies. She is such a good Mommy, and Aunty Emma seems to have bonded with the pups too. I noticed the pups even using the litter box sometimes!

08-18-09, 09:44 am
Quit feeding the Kaytee. You should just switch to the Oxbow cold turkey. Your pig needs the better nutrition.

If you're feeding at least 1/8 bell pepper per day per pig, scurvy is not likely. Overall though, you need a lot more variety in your pigs' diets. Check out the sample menus for ideas.

08-18-09, 10:15 am
Instead of the Romaine every day, try giving them Cilantro, Kale or Parsley. Dandilion greens are also a big hit, but I can only find them in one supermarket, and I don't shop there often. My pigs love the variety!

Your pigs might not be crazy for new veggies right away, but they will probalby love them quickly.

08-18-09, 12:59 pm
I do buy parsley and they get that at least every other day if not more, but again, I read that Kale and Parsley has a lot of Calcium and Oxalic acid (spelling?), so I got scared of using Kale too much. It seems like too much information is getting to be too much. Why can't this be simpler?

08-18-09, 01:01 pm
Pregnant and nursing sows can have extra calcium. So can babies.

08-18-09, 01:12 pm
She was carrying 4 pups and the pups do zap nutrients from the body during pregnancy so scurvy could be a cause in this case even though Aquena was feeding bell pepper.

Aquena, was there a time during her pregnancy when she walked normally?

08-18-09, 01:14 pm
Okay, I just got home from the grocery store, with yellow bell pepper, romaine and parsley, tomorrows trip I will get kale again, plus I am still offering the Alfalfa hay. Does anybody else know anything else I should get for my nursing sow?

08-18-09, 01:18 pm
Yes - Bella walked normally until she started getting heavy in her last few weeks of pregnancy. She still can run, but usually likes to hop like a bunny with her back legs - it seems she may be favoring (avoiding) pressure on her right leg more since it sort of looked like that for a couple steps this morning. She also looks skinnier and I can feel her spine and her hips seem bony too. I just don't have money today to bring her to the vet...that is why I have not yet. but still, she is eating, moving, nursing.

08-18-09, 01:19 pm
Also, How do you "thank" people on here for posts, how does that work?

08-18-09, 02:27 pm
You can't thank until you've been a member for 30 days and have at least 10 posts.

08-18-09, 02:31 pm
Are you weighing mom?

You may need to handfeed her or feed her extra separately.

08-18-09, 06:06 pm
I think I will offer her another extra feeding, but should I just include the pups too? That only leaves out Emma, and she is less than a year old...and not overweight, so could I just offer the extra feeding to all?

08-21-09, 07:42 pm
Well People, I guess Guinea Lynx was a little help, One sign of scurvy is "Hopping" instead of walking - now that I have some money, I have made an appointment for Monday for ALL my guinea pigs to go in - Bella for her hopping, and the babies will be sexed.*********If you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut and are looking to adopt one of Bella's babies, let me know by the 25th of August,2009 because they need to be separated by the 28, my other option is going to be bringing them to the animal rescue, whom I trust, but would prefer a cavy slave!

08-22-09, 06:49 am
Bringing ALL my piggies to the Vet on Monday for sexing and check-up - of course getting to the bottom of Bella's legs. I think it may be scurvy related to pregnancy and nursing, since a symptom of scurvy is hopping.

If anyone is looking to adopt one of my babies and you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut, contact me before August 26, 2009. I would rather adopt out to a cavy slave - otherwise, I am bringing them to our animal rescue league on the 28th.

08-22-09, 09:58 am
If you wish to find homes for your pups, please post an ad in the Adoptables Discussion forum. That's what it's for.

I wish you good luck with Bella and finding out why she's having problems walking.

08-22-09, 10:01 am
Thank you Ly, I just now found that discussion area, and did post there! Sorry about the extra *'s in my other posts.

08-22-09, 04:55 pm
Today I noticed Bella using her hind legs walking more and more, and at dinner time tonight she sat up (instead of lying on her side or flat) She seems to be walking better. We are still going to the vet on Monday, but at least this "condition" may be getting better, but it definitely does not seem to be getting worse! I also think the pups are not nursing as often, maybe she is able to store more vitamins and minerals from her food...

08-24-09, 01:51 pm
UPDATE I brought in All 6 of my Piggies to the vet today. As far as Bella and her Hind legs..hopping and favoring the Right leg - It appears from the weight and movement from being pregnant has her hip slightly dis-located. The doctor prescribed Metacam (analgesic and anti-inflammatory) and says the hip should recover with some time and exercise. It is definitely not scurvy. By the way, her 4 babies were sexed, all Boys! I am going in again friday to have a re-check on sexes, since she says the "testicles have not dropped"

08-24-09, 02:28 pm
I am going in again friday to have a re-check on sexes, since she says the "balls have not dropped"

If you don't know how to sex them yourself I would suggest checking out this link on guinealynx (http://www.guinealynx.info/sexing_pups.html) as you might want to check them more then just friday to make sure they are in fact all male. At three weeks when you need to separate the males I don't think that relying on the testicles to drop by then is the best way to determine their sex.

08-24-09, 03:44 pm
You have a good point, I have seen that link, have looked at pictures,and have tried sexing the pups before, I thought I had 3 girls and 1 boy... and that is why I am in shock they are all boys. The pups have such tiny penises, and I cannot feel a shaft for sure on all of them (can the shaft be so tiny it too is hard to feel?) So I am not convinced...I know and the vet knows that some female sows have a larger peeper (please don't ding me on that) so I still feel confused. Even with all the information I know and with the Vet and her assistants opinion. I am in a situation now, where I really can't afford to get a male neutered to keep one, but I am afraid to let a female slip away because of a mistake. I have another cage ready to separate the babies in any case I was planning to do this on Thursday.

08-24-09, 03:46 pm
Also, I think she said she cannot neuter them until the "testicles drop" I know she referred to that for that reason, I am not sure you need to see "testicles" to determine sex, I thought it was some sort of a penis and feeling the shaft just above it.

08-24-09, 04:28 pm
I'm glad that your mamma pig is getting the care she needs.

Let's please use the word testicles or testes instead of the other word.

I've sexed male pups at a week old and have never had problems getting a penis to pop out of the sheath. Have you tried to get a penis to pop out or have you just felt for the shaft?

08-24-09, 09:44 pm
Well, because I did not want to stress out the babies by poking and prodding, I sort of hold them up to take a look when I pick one up, tried to push back a little to see the "Y" or the "i" and then I tried to check for a shaft, but after they were in normal standing position. I was probably not as thorough as I could be. I just don't know the difference yet between a larger vulva on a female and penis on a 3 week pup. Even the pictures on Guinea Lynx has me guessing. Either I am in denial I have all boys, or I don't believe the vet knows what they are doing (horrible of me) or I still have it in my head I had 3 girls and a boy - again, denial?

08-24-09, 10:11 pm
My best advice would be to poke and prod and get penis's to pop. Pups are so spastic they may wiggle and jiggle and try to get out of your hold but you'd be doing them a service. If they have penises, you will be able to tell.

Just push gently but firmly right above the genital area (about where you'd feel the shaft).

08-24-09, 10:39 pm
I will do this, and be more brave!

08-26-09, 10:38 am
UPDATE I brought the pups to a different vet, and they showed me exactly how to sex, and without any doubt, the pups are all boys! I see now if you do it just right, you would be surprised how large the penis's are already, they come out over 1/4 of an inch!