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08-14-09, 10:17 am
Hello there Im new to this site as well as Guinea Pigs.I would like some advice.My brother-in-law asked me if I would like to have there guinea pig that they have had for about a year,his girlfriend bought it for her daughter and she no longer pays him any mind.My brother-in-law knows how much I love my animals and knows I can give him a great home.Well anyway what I would like to know is about bringing him home,I know it would probably be best to let him adjust to his new home here before I start trying to handle him about how long would ya'll recommend ? Also I have been reading about the C&C cages so I would like to make him one so what would the best size be for just him for know ? I would also like to know with him not getting hardly any time out of his cage what am I to expect as far as him coming out on his own and how long to let him stay out.They keep him housed in one of those pet store bought cages so all he has in his cage is the water bottle,food dish,the bedding and hay,they have no hiding place in there(which theres no room in there im sure)like the huts or igloos,I guess what I want to know is will I be able to get him to like that kind of stuff I would like to get him one of those sleeping bags but I dont know if he would even know what its for.Will he come around or have they already damaged him by him living in that small cage without having had all the things he has needed ?

08-14-09, 03:59 pm
Welcome to the forum :).

Cage size- as large as possible (www.guineapigcages.com (http://www.guineapigcages.com) the first page has info on cages, I'm sure theres stickys on here somewhere....)
Pigloos/Hideys: Guinea pigs are naturally prey animals and so any sudden movements they will attempt to hide so I think that your piggy will have no problems using the hideys. Most people on this site have rescued guinea-pigs and the guinea pigs have become so much happier thanks to the people who have adopted them despite what they have been through.
A further thing I wanted to ask is if you would consider adopting a same-sex friend for your guinea-pig. They are naturally social animals and so a buddy would enable the guinea-pig to socialise

08-14-09, 06:16 pm
Yes after I get Poppy(thats what I will be changing his name too) I would like to get another one but with him being a male I thought he couldnt have another male,I thought I read that he would need a spayed female ? I hope he will adjust how long do I need to let him settle in before trying to handle him?

08-16-09, 12:43 pm
He can be with another male. Males generally get along well as long as they have proper care (large cage, multiples of everything). It's easiest to introduce a younger male to an older one.

08-16-09, 01:06 pm
Akstrohm is right, males will go well together. Typically the dominance line will be clearly drawn, bringing in a younger male with him. I've never had problems with my guinea pigs (and I've always had male-male pairings!).

All in all, you'll find that a C&C cage will be cheaper and better for your pigs, as well as more creative and full of options. Making one was the best thing I've ever done for my squeakies. The sleeping bags (cozies, etc.) are also helpful, though I too was afraid my pigs would have no idea what to do with it. They sleep in it, but time to time I catch them flipping it, laying on it half-sideways, or doing random things with it that make me giggle. Guinea pigs also enjoy toys (I use an adapted, safe version of a bird toy for hanging treats) and make sure you're feeding them a good brand of food.

I'd browse the site a little, there's a section for everything. :)

08-16-09, 01:16 pm
Will he come around or have they already damaged him by him living in that small cage without having had all the things he has needed ?

He will come around. I just rescued a 2 year old male who was kept in similar condition and he is the friendliest pig of the bunch. How soon he will come around depends on his personality, but he will sooner or later.

A 2x3 cage is the minimum size you would want for one pig, but bigger is always better. If you get another male as a friend for him then a 2x5 or bigger would be best.

Welcome! :)