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08-13-09, 10:32 pm
Hey folks!
Does anyone know where I can find reasonably priced cubes in southern ontario? I have tried the typical places home depot, zellers, walmart, home sense, costco (no longer carrying the cubes) and the ones that I can find are $25 for 3 cubes (13 pieces)! I figure there HAS to be a better deal; that's almost $2 per piece! Has anyone found anything better in southern ontario recently? I hate to sound cheap but I am a student, so every little bit counts.
Appreciate the help!

08-13-09, 10:36 pm
Have you tried Canadian Tire? I got mine there, only I live in the maritimes but most stores carry the same items ( I work there lol). It should be in with the storage area with all the totes and such in housewares. I got a kit there for $17 (on sale) regular 24.99, but every store is different so they might be marked down there or on in store special or something. Good luck!

08-13-09, 10:39 pm
At regular price they usually are around $20 for a pack; however, if you can wait I've seen them on sale at Zellers for $9.99.

08-13-09, 10:39 pm
Thanks! I didn't check Can Tire because I figured it would be about the same as home depot. How many cubes/grids was that price for?

08-13-09, 10:40 pm
I couldn't find any at Zellers! Maybe they were sold out? Hmm maybe I will try a different Zellers. Thanks.

08-13-09, 10:42 pm
Hmm maybe it was a one-time sale because they stopped carrying them. I forgot to add, if you check craigslist and kijiji, there are often students selling the cubes which they have used as shelving.

08-13-09, 10:47 pm
The ones at CT have 16 grids in the box. I think they only come in black. Haha, no we're not like home depot, we're more of an automotive based store whereas home depot is home renovation and building supplies.

08-18-09, 09:36 pm
Yikes! At CT here they are 30$ for 16 grids!! I am having NO luck finding reasonably priced cubes anywhere!! I have looked at 6 or 7 stores but the grids are expensive. It would end up costing me over 100$ for grids alone as I need it to be solid (grids on top and bottom). I looked into buying them online but shipping puts it to about the same price. And i tried home depot for shelving as an alternative but it's just as expensive. I will keep looking on kijiji or craigslist but so far no luck. Is there anywhere someone knows of that has recently had the cubes for a reasonable price??

08-20-09, 11:26 am
I got my cubes at the walmart in newmarket for $20 for 17 cubes. They were in the isle with all the closet storage things. Hope that helps

08-20-09, 08:06 pm
Hey, I checked walmart. They only have the rubbermaid ones which are like 3 cubes for 25$. That's only 13 grids! I will check the reuse stores in my area but so far I've had no luck. While it may not be ideal I am getting the piggies soon and they need more than what they are in now, so I am trying to revamp an old rabbit cage (it is quite large; works out to 7 square ft which I know isn't enough but they will still be small). This is until I can find the cubes. In the mean time, I have added a bunk bed type level and prepared a litter area under the hayrack. Plus I put up one of my rats old hammocks and created a fleece sling so they can get to it. Any other ideas?? For the cage or for finding the cubes?

08-20-09, 11:05 pm
It is hard to find the cubes for a good price. I ended up buying mine I think it was 6 cubes( I'm to tired to do math for however many panels) for $40 from Home Deopt. I just thought I might as well go big for the long run. Good luck!

08-24-09, 09:29 am
They are on sale right now for $20.99 (30% off) at Canadian Tire. I bought mine there about a month ago for 50% off, so they go on sale often.

09-09-09, 06:50 pm
Thanks everyone! I finally found reasonably priced cubes. They were on sale at a local storage solutions store. 4 cubes for $15; not so bad. Now I just have to drive to oakville to get the coroplast at some point. For now they are happy in the revamped cage. Thanks everyone!

09-18-09, 02:45 pm
I got 90 grids for $45 at garage sale. Storage solutions had them on sale, 14 grids for $14.

10-07-09, 10:02 am
I got my grids at walmart for almost 2$ a piece!

10-07-09, 12:28 pm
I've bought cubes at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. Good luck!

10-07-09, 06:22 pm
Also found some for 50 cents each at value village.

10-07-09, 06:31 pm
WOW really 50 cents!

10-31-09, 08:50 am
Just an update on 'where to find in London, ON': Wal-Mart has white cubes for about $20, and 'latte' couloured ones for about $3 more. Rona sells Coroplast, though it is not called that (but as mentioned before, if you describe it as being just like corrogated cardboard, but made of plastic, they know what you're talking about). It is in the same section as the plexiglass and I believe a 4x8 sheet was about $20. They had about 3 or 4 different colours. That size was plenty big enough to fit our 2x4 grid cage, then we bought wire shelving (in the storage department) to cover our cage with - we have cats. All in all, I would say we spent about $50 - $60 for the complete setup, which is a steal compared to what you would pay for the largest cage a pet store would sell, which wouldn't be nearly as big.

01-01-10, 07:19 pm
I also found the cubes at Home Hardware for around $20.00 for the 13 pack