View Full Version : Fleece plaids?

02-15-05, 07:16 am
I want to make the big change of using fleece instead of the traditional bedding! But I have found some fleece plaids, they are much cheaper then when I would go buy fleece fabric. Are fleece plaids ok?

02-15-05, 07:36 am
I am not sure what fleece plaids are. Could you possibly explain what you mean in more detail?

As far I as I know, as long as it is still a fleecy material, It will work. Other materials don't work as good because they hold moisture, but fleece just lets it pass right through

02-15-05, 08:07 am
It's like a blanket. But I guess it will work, it's about the same but only a little thicker but it comes in nicer patterns ;)

02-15-05, 01:42 pm
Is the pattern on the fleece plaid? I have some plaid patterned fleece I use in the girls cage. I was the patterned panel that came in a fleece blanket kit. The solid panel is dark blue.

02-15-05, 03:04 pm
It's like this but only with a pattern and nicer colors:

02-15-05, 03:15 pm
I have one of those blankets but it has a nice pattern on it. They are great to use in the cage.

02-15-05, 04:13 pm
I have one of those blankets but it has a nice pattern on it. They are great to use in the cage.Thanks, I am now surely going to buy one (and cut it in two and tadah!), I really don't like the temporary towels that I have put in the cage!

02-15-05, 04:56 pm
That's exactly what I use in my cage,I just didn't know that they were called plaids. There great to use!!

02-15-05, 05:39 pm
I wish I could cut mine in half, but I have to use one whole blanket in the bottom of my cage. I have a 3x4.

02-21-05, 05:22 pm
So what are the benifits of using fleece and would i put bedding down then the fleece on top?

02-21-05, 05:34 pm
Fleece is comphy and looks better. You do not put bedding down at ALL when you use fleece. You can either put a thick layer of newspaper down then fleece or a combination of fllece towel fleece.

02-21-05, 06:02 pm
Or just towels and fleece. I have been using newspaper, old sheets and fleece on top. In the past I used newspaper, puppy pads/incontinence pads and fleece on top. The thing with fleece is that you have spot clean the poos every day. Otherwise it becomes a big mess. I have a litter pan in one corner for my girls that they mostly use.