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02-15-05, 02:32 am
As I'm about to go over 1000 posts on my own forum, I find it interesting that there are 5 people with far more posts than I:

mncavylover tops the list with a whopping 3110
loves2travel 2402
piglet 1915
cinn&sprinslave 1579 and
dagwellismypigy 1265

Other notables are in the top 20 (over 350 posts as of today).

I just hope you all are going for quality over quantity! :)

02-15-05, 04:59 am
Heh, thats funny. I still can't believe mn has SO many posts!

02-15-05, 11:11 am
Hehe. MN definitely posts a lot!

02-15-05, 12:24 pm
woooooohooooooo I got 814. Yay, I have been here since August and I just started to post more. Almost to 1000.

02-16-05, 09:30 pm
I'm not even a notable. Hmph. But I've been around a while.

02-25-05, 10:05 pm
I am beginning to think my life is here on the forum. I have just barely passed T on post count.

02-27-05, 09:27 pm
I just got over 1000 today! Yay!

03-04-05, 11:39 pm
Ha! ONLY 1000 posts??? Hey, I have thousands upon thousands of my own posts at GL. I'm thinking of editing the database so people don't know I have no life.

Yer just a kid, Teresa. You'll be fine.

03-04-05, 11:45 pm
Lynx!!! Nice to see you here.

03-04-05, 11:51 pm
I stop by once and a while. I should be going to sleep right now. Hey, any idea why the pages are constantly refreshing for me? When I use the back button, it reloads the page. I know other forums don't so it must be some kinda setting.

Hey, I hope ya'll are building bigger and better cages around here. That's the way it should be.

03-04-05, 11:57 pm
Don't have a clue on that. I open the main forum directory then open a subforum in a new window and do the same with threads. They may be refreshing because new posts are added, but I am not sure. Oh and what is sleep?

Yes, lots of huge cages here. And I hope you stop by here more often although I talk to you on gl all the time.

03-05-05, 12:05 pm
Wow, it must seem that I really don't have a life, do I? ;) Oh well, I'll admit that I like the internet. I'm usually doing more than three things online at a time, so I won't have to wait between page loads even though we have broadband. How pathetic is that? Good to see you here, Lynx!

07-20-05, 01:23 pm
I had to dig this back up because I just noticed that I have crossed the threshold of 3000 posts. Yay! I know where I spend the majority of my time online! This is my home on the net.

07-20-05, 02:28 pm
Wow! I'm quite embarrased to look at my post count...however (finds an excuse) I have been on this forum for a long time now :P

07-20-05, 02:49 pm
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Teresa for setting up and continuing this forum. Also a big thank you to all the moderators for all the countless and sometimes very thankless hours that they put into keeping this forum readable and in-line. It seems like sometimes you all have to put up with an awful lot of nonsense and bull from people who are just trying to make trouble instead of really wanting to learn about guinea pigs. I am sure that many of us here really appreciate you all.

Slap Maxwell
07-20-05, 03:35 pm
Oh geez, me too!

07-20-05, 03:38 pm
I can't believe you joined in March - seems like you've been here for ages!

Slap Maxwell
07-20-05, 04:02 pm
Piglet- also- your message box is full!

07-20-05, 04:49 pm
Thank you all for this site and your posts. I have learned so much here! I really appreciate your dedication. How many moderators are here? I see Ly and Voodoo posting but every now and then I will see one from another moderator. By the way, speaking of big cages. My husband is on a roll. Our 6x2 is going to be enlarged to a 9x2. And that is just the boys home. We will be building a smaller one for the girls. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. We have indeed become Cavy Slaves!

07-20-05, 04:52 pm
The mods on this board are - Ly&Pigs, Voodoo, Treen, Salana. Treen has been busy lately and so doesn't post on here often.

That is amazing cage size!

07-20-05, 09:36 pm
You forgot T! She is not only the Administrator but a moderator as well.

07-21-05, 04:25 am
Yeah, I was going to put her name down but I thought everyone knew :)

The Magic Taco
07-21-05, 04:54 am
Joining in April and this being my 240th (oops, correction! 241st!) post, do you think that's ok?

07-21-05, 12:14 pm
Yeah, I was going to put her name down but I thought everyone knew :)
The newbies don't always know.

Leah GPO
09-19-05, 06:58 pm
I have been here 2 day and have 18 post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-19-05, 07:28 pm
Joining in April and this being my 240th (oops, correction! 241st!) post, do you think that's ok?
Posting should be about quality vs. quantity. If you are posting just to get your count up, well that's not real good. If you are posting quality posts as the majority of your posting, then you are doing fine.

09-20-05, 12:06 pm
*flashback* The infamous daisy duke and her manic posting :)

Slap Maxwell
09-20-05, 12:09 pm
Oh, boy. I still remember that one! Over four hundred posts in one day made my head spin!

09-20-05, 12:10 pm
*flashback* The infamous daisy duke and her manic posting
Don't remind me piglet! She definately posted quantity over quality just to get her post count up there.

Hey piglet, I am gonna catch you soon!!! *evil grin*. I believe we are the only two with over 4,000 posts.

09-20-05, 01:53 pm
Yes, I think she even admitted that she wanted a high post count. Really?! I never even look at my post count - when I do I just get shocked. Blimey Ly, we're just a pair of ol' chatterboxes :)

09-20-05, 05:14 pm
Well, not sure of my post count but after this post I'll be able to see ;)

09-21-05, 07:08 am
And how many posts a day did you avaerage to get to almost 4000 posts since March of this year, Slap? You are gaining on Piglet and she's been here almost double the time you've been here. :p

Not that I am all that much better. But I get hot under the collar easier then most. And I am temporaily a housewife right now. A temp housewife with no life to boot. :expressio

09-21-05, 03:14 pm
I can't believe I'm up to my 970th post already! I think I have a bit too much time on my hands!

09-25-05, 05:07 pm
Oh my, I must not have enought to do. I'm passed my 600th post and I've only been a slave since the end of July.

09-26-05, 07:56 am
Only that long Jenn? It feels like much longer! Mind you I can't believe that I have been a member for just 6 months and have made over 1,100 posts. I seriousy think I have an addiction to these forums!

01-28-06, 11:00 pm
*Just finding this thread* I feel special now! I have a little over 1,000, too! It's kind of cool seeing this thread. Most of the 1,000 post-ers back in...whenever that was lol have way more posts then I'll ever have. But I'm catching up ;) Watch out!

02-22-06, 09:02 pm
JSR-I'm way past my 600 posts that I stated in September of 2005. I've added about 2,000 more since than. Whew! I love to talk.

The Magic Taco
02-23-06, 12:32 am
Look at me! I'm in the 1000's Club too! lol

02-24-06, 05:29 am
Yes I joined the ranks a couple of months ago too!

02-24-06, 03:57 pm
Jenn-trust me we know you like to talk! lol I don't know how many times I have posted!

02-24-06, 04:28 pm
Yes! I have just made it I have been looking at the 1000's club for awhile giving you all dirty looks and now I am here.

02-24-06, 04:30 pm
Every once in awhile I glance at the number of posts I have. I seriously feel like I have had like 200 this week even though I know I have not. I need a job/life.