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08-04-09, 03:03 pm
Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend and I (mistakenly) purchased a precious little guinea pig from a Pet Store. Unfortunately, we didn't know that it was bad to adopt from animal stores and that you could adopt piggies from an animal shelter.

We have had our cute little Oreo (his color is like an Oreo cookie - black on both ends and white in the center) for about 2.5 weeks and he seems to be adjusting. He still is a bit skittish occasionally, but is getting more confident each day. Based on his size and weight, he's probably a few months old. We read about how to sex guinea pigs and confirmed that Oreo was anatomically a male.

We learned from the website that guinea pigs are very social creatures and have played and talked with Oreo a lot. However, we felt that he needed another little piggy friend. So, we adopted a second guinea pig (not from a pet store this time).

They seem to be getting along well, except for the fact that the 1 yr old male piggie (Cocoa) constantly tries to mount three-month-old Oreo and he does a mating dance (swaying his hips and purring). We read that this is normal behavior. However, I can't help feel a little worried about Oreo, given that he's about half of Cocoa's size. Also, Cocoa secretes a lot of his "scent" (a clear substance). Yesterday, he even secreted some of it onto Oreo!

Should I be concerned? We have been introducing them for an hour or so at a time (one to two times a day) for the past few days. They have not fought at all (thank goodness). Cocoa just keep following Oreo into and out of the two houses we have.

We really appreciate any advice that you offer!!! Maybe I'm just worrying too much...


08-04-09, 05:58 pm
Welcome to the forum!

I'm glad you adopted your second pig. Did you quarantine him first? He should have been kept in a separate room behind a closed door for three full weeks so that you could watch for signs of illness. If not, it's too late now, but please keep this in mind if you introduce any more pigs in the future.

What you describe is normal dominance behavior. However, you should not be putting them together for short periods of time. They need to be put together permanently. Putting them together and then taking them apart repeatedly is stressful and causes them to continually have to establish who is dominant. Just leave them together. The only reason to separate is if blood is drawn. Otherwise, they will work things out.

How big is your cage? Two males should have at the very least 10.5 square feet (that's a 2x4 grid C&C cage), but bigger is definitely better. They need space to run around and to get away from each other at times. Make them the biggest cage you can, and make sure you have multiples of everything including three hideys with multiple entrances/exits. This will increase the chance of them getting along well.

Your pigs sound really cute! Again, welcome to the forum, and if you have any questions, just ask. I would definitely start by reading all the stickies to make sure you're on the right track with your new guys.

08-05-09, 11:34 am
Also, Cocoa secretes a lot of his "scent" (a clear substance). Yesterday, he even secreted some of it onto Oreo!

Should I be concerned?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

As for the clear substance...this is normal. I have 4 boars and they are always marking the cage and each other. Some of my boars even turn their sac a little inside out and shake it as they are marking or wipe it all over the fleece. And it does definitely stink!

I have a male that is much older than the rest and weighs 2lbs 12oz. He is such a silly pig, he will lay his body over the smallest pig who weighs 11oz. - I think it is just so that no one else will try to boss the baby. You can tell he isn't putting all his weight down or trying to hurt the little guy. No one ever seems to get hurt as far as crushing each other. It just looks horrible and can sometimes make you wince.

The other thing I have encountered after the boys have had a little humping session is the "boar glue". It's another clear-ish substance that comes out liquid, but hardens quickly that the male pig would eject into the female after mating...like a plug.

Here is a great thread about boar behavior on the Guinea Lynx forum that I love reading:
Boars Behaving Badly (http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=46468&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=boars+behaving+badly&start=0)

08-05-09, 12:15 pm
Mounting, rumblestrutting and such is normal. The older one is asserting his dominance. My girls still do this from time to time as well and they've lived together for a year. I would introduce them again and keep them together. Once the older pig has asserted his dominance and feels comfortable that his status isn't being challenged, it should stop. They may go through this again when the baby enters puberty, but unless they fight to the point of blood, just let them be and do their thing.

Welcome! Thank you for adopting :)

08-05-09, 03:27 pm
I've had my two boars together for 4 1/2 years and they still "nose-off", grumble and rumble strut, chase and mount. As long as there is no blood, it's best to let them settle it between themselves. And, yes, it can be hard to let it just happen. Space is a real issue with boars. As has been mentioned, the more the better. My boys need two of everything; food dishes, hidies, water bottles, etc. I have also found that when I clean the cage, I don't clean everything. For example, I'll wipe down their pigloos with water and elbow grease but leave their scent. That way they don't have to re-establish who's boss when they go back into the cage.