View Full Version : PetFoodDirect.com codes?

02-14-05, 12:06 pm
Does anyone have any codes for PetFoodDirect.com? I need to order some guinea pig food real quick, but shipping is more than the food and I don't have $35 worth of stuff to order.

I need to order a 5 lb bag of Cavy Performance, does anyone know a cheaper place to buy it at?

02-14-05, 03:37 pm
www.critterstore.com has very good prices on oxbow foods. I don't know exactly what the shipping is to your area but you can check it out.

02-15-05, 10:11 am
thanks, I hadn't thought of that one before.

02-27-05, 01:33 am
You can do a quick google search for "petfooddirect coupon" and find the current coupon code. Then, the first time you order, you can sign up for 'email specials' where they'll send you the new codes.