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08-02-09, 04:04 pm
Ok Im sure if this is the right thread. So here it goes, I just separated my baby males from mom and the baby females. But they are only 17 days today Is that alright, Because I know about 3 weeks you have to do it anyways and they will be three weeks in 4 days. Do you think it's to early or what?

08-02-09, 04:19 pm
Separate at 21 days, no earlier, no later. They can benefit having the extra 4 days with mom.

08-02-09, 04:24 pm
I know that i thought of that. But two of the three males are getting aggressive with eachother. I have the one with dad and the other two completely separated in two 2x4 C&C cages stacked on top of eachother. So they get to hear each other. I wouldn't of done it if there wasn't any fighting. The two males ganged up on the other male and he lost a good amount of hair.