View Full Version : Sick Reasons for sudden death?

Dr Doughnut
07-26-09, 01:20 pm
Fleance was found still this morning, and rigor mortis has already set in. I just buried Fleance.

What are any reasons for sudden death?

I found fleance with his mouth under his water bottle, but his water bottle was half way full...

The day before, Fleance was roving and moving and in general was just a normal happy pig.

I hope his death was quick and painless...

07-26-09, 01:27 pm
Unless you do a necropsey I don't think there is anyway to really know what the death was caused by. It sounds like it was sudden and that there wasn't any warning of any kind. Therefore, I don't think you could have done much. It was really out of your control. I'm so sorry you lost your furry friend and it's nice you were able to give him a great life.

Dr Doughnut
07-26-09, 01:51 pm

I just noticed that Fleances poops were smaller than banquo's poops, but they had the same volume.

Fleances poops were congruent to Banquo's but Banquo's were about 20mm long and 6mm wide, while Fleances were usually 15mm long and 5mm wide. I also found some long shaped poos that were thin but long.

07-26-09, 01:58 pm
Honestly, without a necropsy, if there were no symptoms, it's sort of pointless to speculate on what happened to your pig. There are a variety of things that could have caused what seemed like a sudden death - underlying heart issues, bloat, tooth issues, URI, etc. Were you weighing him regularly? If so, had you noticed a drop in weight?

I strongly suggest you get your surviving pig(s) checked so that if it was something contagious, you can prevent its spread or treat it if the other pig(s) is/are already ill.