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02-13-05, 03:25 pm
Today I went to the store and I held the sweetest little pig. He was golden with the collick things on his fur. All the other pigs I've seen weren't nearly as nice as him. But now here is my dilemma: I don't have a cage yet, but my friend could let me borrow hers (she used to have pigs, too) until I get mine. I can't wait to get him because they won't keep him on "hold" that long. So? Should I just wait and get a different one once my cage comes?

02-13-05, 03:37 pm
Was this at a pet store? The best bet would be to try and find a rescue or shelter and adopt a piggie that needs a home. By buying a piggie from a pet store it only contributes to the breeding mills and 2 more will take that one piggies place. Look on www.petfinder.com for rescues/shelters in your area.

02-13-05, 03:52 pm
Yes, please adopt. Don't buy while shelter pets die. If you post your location, we can help you find a piggie or two.

02-13-05, 04:28 pm
I agree adopting is a much better choice. Good luck tenn38!~!

Also you can check out www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com)

02-13-05, 04:28 pm
yes adopting is much better

02-13-05, 06:11 pm
also check out www.gpan.net (http://www.gpan.net)

Emily F.
02-14-05, 09:39 am
Check out www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com)

02-14-05, 10:46 am
Adopting is the ONLY way to go. Also, have you had a look at the homepage? www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com) <-- has great ideas to make an inexpensive cage

02-15-05, 10:02 am
tenn38, if you are in the Chicagoland area, look here! They always have lots of pigs that need homes. And it shouldn't be too far from you.


02-16-05, 02:45 pm
Tenn38 what area do you live in? If by any chance you live in ontario I know lots of adoption sites.

02-18-05, 10:39 am
Tenn dosen't seem to want to reply. I think this person is avoiding this thread maybe... it's been 5 days since she posted.

02-18-05, 07:06 pm
Well, no. I have had an entire week of tests in almost every subject, so I was studying a lot instead of going on the computer. I've read what you all have to say, and I agree. I've been doing searches for shelters tonight to find a pig I like. Don't make assumptions, please.

Oh, and I live southwest of Chicago in the "chicagoland" area.