View Full Version : Cubes in norway

07-25-09, 12:22 pm
Sorry for starting a new thread on this, but the old thread was so old I was not allowed to reply to it. I have spent 3 full days driving around to stores that could possibly have cubes. No luck!

So far I've checked:
Europris (4 different stores)
Clas Ohlson
A lot of petstores (found a couple of great ones that do not sell animals - but no luck on the cubes)

It's really hard to search for the cubes on google as well.

Anyone know where I can get them? I'll soon have to get them from USA or UK...

07-25-09, 02:27 pm
What about wire closet shelving? It might be easier to find and it does a good job as well.

07-28-09, 12:08 pm
I've seen them at Europris several times, the last time was only a couple of weeks ago.
Europris don't have the cubes all the time, but if you keep looking there every month or so, I'll sure you will get hold of some cubes eventually ;-)