View Full Version : Need to find home for white baby boy, Brisbane

Smudge & Monkey
07-24-09, 06:37 am
Our piggies had 2 babies, born on Sunday 19th July. We're keeping the girl baby (I've had the father neutered already), but we need to rehome the boy baby. He is all white & has been nicknamed Eddie (after Edmund Hillary) as he is an adventurous little thing! At just 1 day old he was climbing up and over the top of the house, bouncing around the cage without a care in the world! He's a real little character ♥♥

I really want him to go to a home where he will have a decent sized cage and a playmate :) (He's available free to anyone with a suitable home and lots of love to give) I am handling him daily and he is not afraid of human contact. I can email a photo if interested.

Smudge & Monkey
08-08-09, 06:06 am
Just a quick update to say Eddie went to a lovely new home last week :) His new home has 8 other piggies (4 cages) and Eddie is the new cage mate for a 3mth old boar who recently lost his cage mate ♥♥

08-08-09, 11:17 am
AwwwI Good for you and for little Eddie! Love that name!