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07-22-09, 08:47 pm
Hey! I'm Michaela. I'm currently waiting to get guinea pigs until I get my first report card (from school). I can probably get a pet if I get good grades. And I want guinea pigs, of course! I've had gerbils for about two years, so it's kind of hard to not transfer all the things I learned about them to guinea pigs. So I've been researching them, and I decided to join this forum to learn more.

07-23-09, 12:52 pm
Hi and Welcome to GPC.

Gerbils and guinea pigs are totally different species of animals with totally different needs. So you can't apply what you know about gerbils to guinea pigs. I hope you read all the sticky threads in all the forum sections because guinea pigs are a very high maintenance animal that require large cages (no petstore cages), a high quality plain pellets, the minimum of a cup of veggies per day, unlimited hay, fresh water daily, and a friend. They also require vet care if ill or injured. They aren't your average easy to care for low maintenance pet.

07-23-09, 01:50 pm
Welcome to the forum! Be sure to do lots of research first and read these misconceptions so you don't make all the common mistakes: Guinea Pig Care (http://www.cavyspirit.com/care.htm)

Also make sure that your parents are willing to commit to the guinea pigs as well--they will need to provide transportation to the vet, pay for the vet and proper food, get fresh veggies, find space for a large cage, etc. If you have questions, just ask!