View Full Version : Hair Loss losing hair after teeth burring

07-19-09, 03:19 pm
My guinea pig is about 6 months old. About a month ago he started eating less and less and after going to the vet. it was determined that he needed to have his teeth filed. After the surgery the vet told me his back molar on the left side was growing at a different angle than the rest of the teeth and not grinding correctly. Since the surgery he has been eating fine again and has put his weight back on, but now I am noticing the fur around that side of his mouth has been falling out. It is coming out in clumps where the hair is stuck together and laying down on his skin. When I touch it or pull at all it just falls off in a clump. I have heard this can be an infection causing it, but I am wondering if it has to do with his surgery as it started happening after the surgery and is just on the side of the mouth where the surgery took place.

Any ideas on what is going on?