View Full Version : blackberry and cleopatra

02-03-03, 12:00 am
they are my two girls but i can't tell if they are getting along well. during floor time they are very friendly and get along great, but in the cage they wont sleep together. cleopatra rumbles at blackberry every now and then. also they always try to rip food out of each others mouths. is this stuff normal?
also they both lick my dads fingers. i can't figure out why, they just sit there and lick them. has anyone heard of that?
and finally, this is more a statement then question but for some reason i just cant bond with blackberry. she knows im safe but she doesn't like it when i hold her and she doesn't run to me when she things something is wrong. im just the person with food to her. and i have a hard time picking her up. could it just be her personality? its so frustrating, grrr.