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02-12-05, 04:26 pm
I am hoping to get my male rabbit neutered soon.....so he can live with my female. But I was wondering what would you way is a good size cage for two rabbits? I have two mini rexes. One is a larger mini rex I would say 5-7 pounds and my female is a very small mini rex I would say 3-4 pounds. Also I am kind of scared about getting my rabbit neutered :(....I am scared that some thing might go wrong. Is there a likely chance that something does go wrong? What are other people’s experiences with this? Sorry this is kind of long.

02-12-05, 05:03 pm
I would say about a 2x5 for two mini bunnies or a 2x4. Most likely nothing will go wrong with the neutering. Their is a slight chance something will go wrong. I have not met any people who have had a promblem neutering their rabits or pets in general. Do what you think is right.

02-12-05, 05:35 pm
I think I may make a 2 x 2 base than 4 or 5 high....I need to make it tall because of space issues, I could make it bigger but then they would have to live in the basement. They get a couple of hours of floor time each day also

02-12-05, 05:50 pm
a 2x2 is to small for a cavy let alone to mini bunnies. Have you tried rearanging you furniture?

02-12-05, 06:28 pm
yes try to get at LEAST a 2x3 a 2x4 would be best.

02-12-05, 06:35 pm
I agree with dagwell, When I am living on my own I think I will get a dwarf rabbit with floppy ears. I will also probally have a dog and guinea pigs!

02-12-05, 07:31 pm
Well the cage will have multiply levels....also the cage hast to fit in my room because my parents don’t want it any where else (besides my room and the basement) I know that a 2X2 is WAY too small for two bunnies! But I thought if it was tall and had like 4 or so levels it would be ok...correct me if I am wrong.

02-12-05, 08:03 pm
hmm... I think that may be ok. can you give them a lot of floortime?

02-12-05, 08:52 pm
I can give them a decent amount of floor time....right now I let them out for 30mins each morning before school (they have to come out separate since one is a girl and one is a boy but when I get the boy neutered they can come out together) So that would be 1 hour in the morning and then in the after noon I give them about 1 1/2 hours each so that would be 3 hours. In total that is about 4 hours a day.....is that ok?

04-03-05, 11:17 am
when you all say 2x4 etc do you meen in feet

04-03-05, 01:38 pm
If you find the right vet then neutering should not be a problem, they can even come home the same day. If a vet says that you have to stop feeding them the night before then they DON'T know what they are doing. If you are going to let them live together you must get the female spayed. Females can be very aggresive and may attack the male when she matures (if she hasn't already.) 85% of unspayed females will get utrine cancer by the age of 3. It will be much easier to bond two neutered rabbits. Lastly wait 4weeks after the neutering to put them together. 4hours a day for floor time is perfect. A 2x2 with four stories will be ok to. Rabbits love to jump and it will give them lots of exercise.

Gd luck! xx

04-03-05, 07:12 pm
By 2x4 we mean in cubes (the square grids used to make C&C cages). Each grid is 14"x14" and you can see pictures of what they look like if you go to the photo galleries and click on almost any picture there!