View Full Version : Baby Piggie!

02-02-03, 03:29 pm
hey gang, woke up this mornin with a baby piggie in with my other piggies, what a surprize! the pet store never told us it was pregnant so it must be an accident case, but anyway, how old does it have to be before it can be seprated from the mother for good, any other conditions that need to be taken into effect other than the normal piggie raising, and if the mother and the baby piggie needs to be alone in thier cage, or if the same sex piggie can still stay in there with them. get back to me on this ASAP please!

02-02-03, 11:53 pm
well if the baby is female she can stay with the mom for her entire life. who else is in the cage?
if its a male, im not sure but it's several weeks. im sure someone will come along who will know better then i do.

02-03-03, 03:49 am
If the baby is male it should be moved at 4 weeks. I think it's ok for another female to stay with a mum and baby. As you got the pigs from a pet shop it's best to check the sex of the other pig incase they made a mistake because if it turned out to be male, he may of already mated the female again as this is possible straight after delivery. You can find pictures to help on the internet.