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07-09-09, 11:22 am
hello, im new to this forum , i've been looking for a good forum to join. im going to start by telling you about me, my name is ashley i live in PA i had livied with my aunt and uncle which my uncle is a vet has his own clinic, and He has brought home so many stray's and pregnant animals such as dogs cats birds and i've even seen a horse give birth, but last summer he was opening up the clinic and he had found a box at the door it had two guinea pigs in it a male and female the male was fixed and he had not come across this before so i had taken them in and started educating myself about them i got 4 books on cavie's and this past may 2009, another one came to the clinic and i took her in as well, to my surprise she is pregnant and i was wondering if there is anything i have to do for her before durring or after she gives birth i think shes close to full term the babies are kicking and moving alot, so any information anyone can give will be highly appreciated:cheerful: Thank You!