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07-08-09, 11:22 am
Hello -

I live in Brooklyn although I am originally from Los Angeles. I miss it terribly. In my opinion, New Yorkers are rude, apartments are small, and having to take public transportation is disgusting compared to driving in a car. People here never smile, ask you how you are doing and are perplexed by words I am used to using such as "grody", "rad", "awesome", and "fantabulous".

I am an office manager and it is awfully dull. I hope to someday fulfill my lifetime dream of going to fashion school. I used to be in the military and found that beyond awful. I was signed up as a "91T - Animal Care Specialist" but found out soon enough after boot camp that this job included animal testing. I was so horrified. I still have nightmares. Luckily, I was able to leave the service after only being in 11 months. Then I got my degree in business with a minor in economics. Not my cup of tea, but it pays the bills.

I absolutely love the period between the two World Wars. I could go on for hours about the flappers of the 1920's and the Great Depression of the 1930's. I spend my time reading about these subjects, watching old movies, collecting vintage movie magazines and other items, and obsessing over Hollywood during the "golden age". My favorite actress is Jean Harlow and actor is Rudolph Valentino. I allow collect stereo viewers and Viewmasters, vintage beauty culture books, Disneyland related memorabilia, RMS Queen Mary related memorabilia, Dream Pets, and anything to do with squirrels. In contrast to my main interests, I also love Jamaican music from the late 1960s, vintage mod dresses, classic Vespa scooters, and Twiggy.

I have a hubby, two kids - a 10 yr. old and a 2 yr old, three cats, and then there's the pigs. I have three boars: Alton, Byron, and Carlton. I find guinea pigs to be very complex, curious, interesting little creatures. Just when you think you have them all figured out, they surprise you with something new.

Alton is my p.e.w. and he is a handful. We we received him he was in a crummy condition and is now a very healthy happy piggle. He was a magician's assistant. I guess there was a shortage of white rabbits around. I don't believe in using any live animals for such foolishness in the first place so I am glad we have Alton. He has a wonderful temperment. He is our oldest and prides himself on being boss pig. He loves an occasional treat of dill weed.

Byron is our middle pig and a wild child. Right now he is actually a raging hormone in the midst of pigerty. He would love to be boss pig, but Alton is not having it. Byron absolutely loves motown music. He wheets to it. His favorite songs are "Stoned Love" from the Supremes, "The Love You Save" from the Jackson 5, and "I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me Bad" by the Majestics.

Carlton is our littlest pig. His nose comes to a point and he has big floppy ears so his nickname is "mousie". He has a silly looking pointed butt and big back feet, poor guy. I think if he were in school, he would get teased terribly, but we love him. He loves his Oxbow vegetable cookies and snuggling with Alton.

07-08-09, 11:52 am
Soooo cute! They are adorable little guys, and your right about them being complex little creatures, they all have there own personalities and are so wonderful! How did you end up with the three of them? I have three too and they get on so well!

07-08-09, 11:05 pm
Welcome! I love that picture of Alton!