View Full Version : Pregnant bedding for pregnant piggy??

07-05-09, 10:33 pm
I've got a pregnant female due any day now and she seems to spend all her time in her kitchen area under her hay rack and I use paper pellet in the kitchen area and I was wondering if she ends up having the babies there and she eats the pellets would they cause any problems like blockages or anything else. Also, i've read in several places you should not change/clean her cage when they are so close to birth and if its not good for her to be on the pellets what can i use as bedding in in her kitchen area and is if safe to change out the litter. Any help would be wonderful.

07-05-09, 10:58 pm
Paper pellets are fine but most pelleted bedding is rough on their feet. A layer of shavings or fleece over it is best. Have you read http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction.html

Was she pregnant when you got her?

You might want to put the hay on the ground or lower it so it is easier for her and the babies to eat.

You can clean the cage before and after.

07-06-09, 08:31 am
I would think putting fleece in the kitchen area would be best. This would eliminate any chance of indigestion of paper/wood bedding. It's also probably lots easier for the babies to walk on. I hope the pregnatcy (sp?) goes well and that the mom and the babies stay healthy!!

07-06-09, 10:21 pm
I did have her on fleece, but I had to take her off of it because she picked holes in it. Right now she has paper pellets in her kitchen area and painted wood bottom with 3 other litter boxes under her hidey stuff and today i'm trying her on critter care bedding in her litter boxes.She has a habit if eating the litter and the paper pellets are the only bedding that she hasn't messed with yet. Do you know of any other bedding to try? I've tried wood pellet, aspen, fleece in the whole cage, and a cut up sheet, but she has eaten or chewed holes in all of those. She use to not do any of this when i first got her , but since she got pregnant she's been messing with all the bedding.