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07-04-09, 03:16 pm
Hi, I am new to this site, as well as my piggies.
I will introduce them in the order they where sent to me.

Bella-a brown, and black splotchy aguti abby sow.
Maddie-an cream abbymix sow, with a dramaqueen attitude.
Amadaus- a Cream and white abbymix boar.
Squeekers- a young all black abby sow.
Moggle-an all white teddymix boar.
Max-a Roan Teddy bear boar
Romeo- a broken brown and white teddy boar
Twister- a Calico boar
and last Peanut- the king of them all, and he knows it, agouti boar.

I know I have a lot, and aton sill comming.
Please Contact me if your interest is cought, for adoption. :]

07-04-09, 03:26 pm
Do you run a rescue then? Or are you foster parent? Or are you breeding them?

Welcome to the site, there's a wealth of information here. Make sure to read the stickies of each of the subforums.

07-04-09, 03:33 pm
We are trying to become a certified rescue, but have no idea how to get going...

07-04-09, 03:34 pm
I'm guessing by the title that you are a rescue?
Pics please! hehe!
Welcome to the site, I'm pretty new too! Jpined about a week ago :)

07-04-09, 03:35 pm
I posted a moment too late. :(
Where abouts are you?
UK, USA, Other?

07-04-09, 03:40 pm
I posted a moment too late. :(
Where abouts are you?
UK, USA, Other?
I am in the US, yes.
I have pictures on my profile, and am currently working on a website. :]

07-04-09, 04:38 pm
Ack, I totally missed the title. Sorry about that.

Here's some threads on Guinea Lynx concerning starting rescues:

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Good luck in establishing yourself!

07-04-09, 05:19 pm
You may want to do a rescue listing at our sister site if you haven't.

It's Guinea Pig Home - Home (http://www.guineapighome.com)