View Full Version : Hi I'm new!

06-30-09, 09:06 am
I'm new to Pigs and to this forum. I just got a Guinea Pig Sunday and I love her! I still cant find a good name, but my dad thinks "Pickles" fits her haha

Here is a video with her in it.
YouTube - New Animals - Hairless Guinea Pig!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GSBU6-IzyY)

Oh yeah! She is a "Skinny Pig!"

I plan to get her a buddy soon, within the next week or 2.

But I was just wondering, how can I get her to like me? When I grab her out of the cage she squeaks and when I'm holding her she VIBRATES!!! it is REALLY weird lol

But yeah, I'm in love with Pigs now. I want to build a huge C&C cage in a few days and I plan to fill it with an Army of Pigs!!!