View Full Version : KC Moving Pads - update

01-29-03, 03:10 pm
I purchased, and have used the KC moving pads after seeing the original posting here some months ago. These are highly absorbant, washable, large pads that can go in the cavy cage. Thought I'd share my experience in using them...
1. The pads are very absorbant!
2. I found I couldn't use them alone...the poops just sit on top and my two guineas' would get muck in their toes from running over them. Even if I cleaned it up each day
3. I used a thin layer of carefresh on top of the pad. This works very well
4. The pad, when cut, will tend to fray. I couldn't put it in the washer (more fraying), so ended up washing by hand in a bath tub. Not as bad as it sounds, but still a pain in the neck.
5. I've used the same pad for several months in this way...but alternate with newspaper and aspen bedding [which works just as well]
6. I am currently taking a break from Carefresh. Does anyone else find it very dusty! It may be very absorbant, but it kicks up alot of dust when its put in and pulled out. I find aspen much less dusty...

02-05-03, 06:29 pm
where do you get these moving pads at?