View Full Version : Pregnant Anyone know how far along she is?

06-30-09, 03:03 am
About 5 days ago my mom bought me a new guinea pig & It turns out she is extremely pregnant.
My mom bought her from the store because she knows that at that store most of the guinea pigs end up as snake food. :(
Well anyways, I can feel the babies moving & I can see them kicking.
She doesn't move around much. And yesterday she was acting really weird, she keeps making a bunch of noises. Usually she's really quiet.

06-30-09, 07:25 am
If you place your ear to her belly do you hear a grinding noise? If so she's due soon.

Since yo can feel the babies kicking it won't be long.

06-30-09, 08:10 am
Make sure you have a vet who is experienced with guinea pigs lined up. Pregnancy complications are quite common in guinea pigs, so you need to know where to take her in advance in case she has trouble. You should take the babies to the vet after they are born to make sure that they are healthy and to get help determining the sexes.

In the future, please adopt your guinea pigs from a shelter or rescue. Pet store pigs are often missexed, sick, and pregnant.