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06-29-09, 06:38 pm
Hello, everyone! Thought I would introduce my two pigs and myself to the forum. I'm glad to be here!

I'm a university student studying biology, and spend my school year working in a biological teaching lab. Currently, I'm working on a local prairie restoration site -- it's a great way to spend the summer. The other not-so-great way I'm spending my summer is taking chemistry, but I'm sure reading up on all the threads here will take up my studying time quite nicely. Heh.

Outside of school and work, I dabble in photography, read quite a bit, and obsessively watch a few shows on TV. Then, of course, there's the animals. I have two guinea pigs (I'll get to them later) and their two apartment-mate cats, Finn and Fawn. At home, I have a wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Puddin', and a Quarter Horse gelding named Bucky. Showing, training, and properly caring for horses is my major passion in life.

Now, on to the reason that I'm here:
I am very new to the world of guinea pigs. My two boys were acquired less than two weeks ago, unfortunately from a pet store. I've done things about half-wrong, I should say. The next ones (in the distant future) will absolutely be from a rescue. The boys do, however, live in a 2x3 C&C cage thanks to this site. I think I'll probably expand it to a 2x4 once they grow up a bit. There will be *just* enough room on the counter for it. They're currently on cel-absorb bedding, which is really nice odor-wise, but it flies out everywhere when they get the zoomies. Considering the cage is on the counter next to our sink and dishes, this is less than ideal. The switch to fleece will be happening soon.

The first piglet is (nervous) Ned, a red/white American fellow. He's a sweet boy, and doesn't mind sitting with you after being caught. He's lost a bit of his skittishness in that now he'll stand to be pet in the cage, but picking him up is still a challenge. We're working on it.

Chuck, on the other hand, is a social butterfly. He has such a goofy, outgoing personality -- it matches the hairdo! He's a chocolate/white (plus some roaning on his back) Abyssinian. He was extremely scrawny when I got him, but is plumping up and growing like a weed.

Here are links to pictures of them if you'd like to see.

Anyway, I'm here to learn. I'm dedicated to giving these guys the best life they can have, so please let me know if anything I'm doing seems amiss. My piggies and I will thank you profusely!