View Full Version : Introducing Freya,Haylee and Villette!

06-29-09, 04:27 pm
Though my twin and I have been active here for awhile, we haven't made a introduction thread.

My name is Tiffany, and my sister's name is Brittany.
We've loved guinea pig for a long time, ever since we received our Uncle's neglected american guinea pig Mama. We didn't know much about guinea pigs back then, only what the care books and pet stores told us.
We had 2 others, Peanut and Honey.

We took a 3 year break from guinea pig ownership until we decided to get another pig. We named her Freya and she lived in the pet store cage until we found this site. Then we bought her a friend named Haylee and built a 2 by 3 cage.

I'm making this thread because we just recently added a new pig to our little group, Villette. She was adopted from a private party off craigslist, from a unexpected litter. She's in her quarantine as we speak and we got her today.

I'll post some pictures when she's more settled. :)