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02-09-05, 03:07 pm
Doe anyone have a web site where they sell cozies, beds, pillows, etc. for guinses pigs? I think My Baby Mu does but I don't know what it is if anyone know please tell me.

I am not a very good sewer!!!

02-09-05, 04:23 pm
Angelscavies makes things for piggies and other pets, but she doesn't have a website yet. Also mncavylover makes cozies. I'm not sure if she makes other accessories and I don't know if she has a website. If you go to www.guinealynx.info there are several people over there that sell cavy things too.

02-09-05, 04:28 pm
ok thank you

02-09-05, 04:47 pm
I went over to guinea lynx and i could find anything about websites. Do you know any?

02-09-05, 05:34 pm
I make an assortment of things for piggies too, but unfortunatly I don't have a website either. Maybe I should think about setting one up. If you'd like to contact me I can give you an idea of what I make.

02-09-05, 06:56 pm
catinahat you DEFINATLY should set one up. I would be one of your first customers.

02-09-05, 07:04 pm
WindeSpirit from gl has a site, I will see if I can find the address. I know some other gl members either sell stuff or have sites of their own, I will see what I can do there for you too.

02-09-05, 08:02 pm
thank you very much

02-09-05, 11:11 pm
I can sell you some cozies. I have made some so I can get my site up and running by summer. Ill pm you with prices and shipping.

02-10-05, 02:34 pm
ok thank you I mightjut decide to make some myslef now. It is probably going to cost more than I have to buy them from someone. I just need to know what size the cozies shoud be. And also i was think about making a couch out of a bent grid. What should i cover it with?
Thank you for all your help!

02-10-05, 03:26 pm
I can sell you some now if you need some.

02-10-05, 03:37 pm
it depend on the prices. if you want you can pm me and tell me the prices and give me an idea of what you make.

02-10-05, 05:17 pm
Angle, could you pm me too? I would like to buy a few cozies.