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02-08-05, 07:51 am
Hi all,
I have three girls, Ruby, Oinker and Squeakers. I adopted Ruby just about a month ago. I discovered she was pregnant about a week after I brought her home. I have been communicating with the shelter and they are really not helpfull at all. They offered to take her and her babies back but I couldn't give Ruby back! I know that I won't be able to keep any of the babies, as I have three already and live in an apartment. I want to find good homes for the bubs, but I am not really sure how to go about doing it. I wouldn't give them back to the shelter because I don't think they are very knowledgable about guinea pigs and they are giving out bad information about them. The little packet I got said that they require little attention and they can be housed in a plastic storage tub! they also told me if I decided to keep Ruby, and wanted them to find homes for the babies, I would have to keep them six weeks because thats how long it takes to ween them. Even after I told her that males were sexually mature at three or four weeks, she insisted I was wrong. I talked to them about it and even gave them this website and they just ignored me. The woman I have talked to acts as if I know nothing, and tells me she would "highly doubt" that Ruby is pregnant because she was never with a male. Ruby was only at the shelter for three weeks, so they have no idea where she was before then. They just seem ignorant to me. I feel like they are just trying to get rid of them and don't care who they go to. I want to be sure the babies are going to a good home. I offered to go to the fairs and be responsible for the babies until they found homes but they said they decide who they go to, so I think I would be better off finding homes on my own. So, my question is, how do those of you who adopt go about finding good homes? How do you sort through applicants and decide who would actually be a good owner? Thank you in advance for you help.

02-08-05, 11:14 am
You can post ads at petfnder classifieds, cavyrescue.com, www.gpan.net (http://www.gpan.net/), Craig's List, GL placement forum, and put up ads at like vet offices or pet supply stores. Some have good results at grocery stores.

If you go to www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com/). there are some basic application forms. You can use those to help you screen and ask some basic questions. Give them care info.

Most require C&C's and a small adoption fee, which you can donate to a rescue or charity or something if you don't want to keep it.

Have you sexed the babies yet?

02-08-05, 11:28 am
No, I haven't sexed the babies...lol They aren't even here yet... I'm just trying to get prepared for when they do come, which should be in the next week or two. I think that is a good idea to require a C&C cage and donation fee. I'll check out the adoption forms too. Thanks so much for all of the info!

02-08-05, 11:51 am
If you weren't so far away I would take one or 2 off your hands. I already have 5 and thinking of adding 2 males just to have both sow and boar. Though not sure if hubby would go for that too well since he let me keep all 3 of our piggies babies. But good luck on finding homes. Stupid shelter should of accepted your wisdom and relized who was the "piggie expert" :)

02-08-05, 01:03 pm
Yeah, you don't want to give them away for free (might attract snake owners and idiots) and you don't want them living in a pet store cage.

02-09-05, 07:30 am
This site may be helpful:

02-10-05, 12:07 pm
Thanks again for all of the help everyone! She is getting so big, I am excited for the babies to arrive! I really wish I could keep all of them, but as I already have three and live in an apartment, I think things would be a little tight! Its gonna be hard because I am sure I'll fall in love with all of them. It makes me so mad that the shelter is being so ignorant and irresponsible. I understand they have a lot of animals to adopt out, but whats the use in adopting an animal to a bad home? I wish I could take all of their guinea pigs and find homes myself, where I know they will be taken care of. Someday....
I will only have a few babies to find homes for, I can't even imagine what CavySpirit goes through. I have a lot of respect for her now. Anyway, I'll keep you all updated and thanks again for your kind words and advice :)

Just thought I'd leave a few pics of the expecting mamma

02-16-05, 10:43 am
I was looking at a few of the shelters nearby on their websites and I found a guinea pig on their website and for the sex they have 'Unknown' and same for age. So they are just going to adopt out animals that they don't even know the approximate age or gender for? It makes me so mad, the must be stupid and they are going to hand these animals off to anyone. I wish I could just take all of the guinea pigs and do it myself. At least I know they would be going to good homes and not just dumped on whoever gets there first.

02-16-05, 11:25 am
Most shelter staff do not know how to sex guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals. Happens all the time here.

Sometimes they take the owner's word for it. Can't tell you how many times I've picked up 'females' and turned them over to find male parts.

02-18-05, 09:47 pm
Yeah, I believe it. I am starting to wonder if Ruby was in with a male at the shelter, even though they INSISTED she wasn't. It is very well possible. Oh well, as long as my babies are healthy and happy