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Ginni and Zoey
02-07-03, 05:20 pm
hello, i have two guinea pigs and one sprays the other. so i went one the internet to read up and i was wondering do only males spray or also females???!!!? because i think they are both females but one sprays so i need to know! please ASAP:(

02-08-03, 08:45 am
I don't think that females spray, but not certain. I think you should check the sex of the pigs incase. You can find pictures on the internet to help but really it's most important that their the same.

cavyspirit.com/ (http://cavyspirit.com/) has sexing pics


02-08-03, 11:14 am
They will both pee on each other as a sign of dominance. Females pee outward, naturally. Males have to lift their leg.

02-08-03, 01:02 pm
Thanks cavyspirit, didn't know that. Have never one of my pigs do it