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02-07-05, 07:20 pm
Sorry for the mini-barrage of posts, but I'm impatiently waiting to pick up our pair of pigs tomorrow :). So I have a layer of wood pellets & feline pine with a thin layer of aspen on top. Will it be unbearably noisy? The cage is in our family room, so some noise is fine. I'm just wondering if we'll get used to the noise or if I should switch to fleece (already have em, just need to buy towels) once my current supply of bedding is used up.

And why is there such a polar opinion on fleece? Many people love it and use it successfully, others hate it and switched back to their original bedding asap.

02-07-05, 08:43 pm
I don't know if it would be noisy or not since I use fleece myself, but some people hate fleece because they don't like seeing the poos all over or they don't like spot cleaning or they think it is too messy for whatever reason

It's not hard to spot clean the poos off of fleece everyday/twice a day. I think fleece is better for my girls because I don't have to worry about the other types of bedding sticking to them, I feel it is much healthier and overall it is more cost efficient. Where some people spend anywhere from say $20-$80 a month or more on carefresh/shavings, I spent maybe about $50 on quite a bit of fleece and now I only have a cost of approximately $3.50 per month to wash it at the laundromat.

02-07-05, 09:49 pm
I actually found this site helpful with what to use and not to use. Some of the bedding they said not to use confused me though. Alot of people use the fleece and like you said lots hated it. I am still not sure what the reason for not using cedar shavings is. I found good prices for bedding on petsmart's website.

02-07-05, 09:58 pm
The oils in cedar cause respiratory problems in pigs. The same goes for pine that hasn't been kiln dried. (Kiln dried pine is ok though)

02-08-05, 09:30 am
Cedar also can lead to early death caused by liver damage.

02-08-05, 02:44 pm
And petsmart is pure evil!

o0Ms Jenny0o
02-08-05, 04:46 pm
Bedding shouldn't make noise. You'll know if you want to switch or not but I don't think noise will be a factor in your decision. Did you get the pigs yet?

02-09-05, 04:13 pm
After seeing my guys kick the bedding all over the place and trying to pick up the poo among all of the wood pellets & shavings, the fleece looks VERY appealing now :). The pigs have been in their new home for about 24 hrs. Should I swap in the fleece soon or can I wait until I use up all of my shavings (probably 3-4 changes)?

o0Ms Jenny0o
02-09-05, 04:16 pm
It's up to you. You can always try the fleece now and see how you like it and switch back if you want to. If the mess bothers you that much, go for it!

02-10-05, 09:36 am
I am NOT supporting PetsMart, but when I was there to buy dog food, I ran thru the piggy section and by their bedding they had posted a sign that said, not quoting, that cedar is not appropriate bedding material for certain kinds of pets, i.e. guinea pigs. This is the same store that I took a photo of my cage to and they were so impressed they posted it in their employee lounge. I also added this website address for their "enlightenment"! Also, my girls cage is also in my family room and their aspen bedding is not noisy at all.