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06-11-09, 08:26 pm
Ok, I am not sure what I have got myself into but I responded to a CL ad about a piggy that they were giving away for snake food so I volunteered to take her in. They were giving everything with her.
I just want to make sure I am doing everything right with her.
Timothy hay vs alfalfa? how much a day?
pellets only, no seeds, right?
She is long hair and likes to be brushed and held,etc but how often should I brush her?
white shavings or carefresh for bedding?
How often can they have carrots? What other foods are alright?
Vitamins.... necessary?
They said she is about a year old.
Can I keep her alone? (preferred)

Any input would be great!

06-11-09, 08:44 pm
For all the diet related questions, see the sticky threads at the top of the Diet and Nutrition forum especially the Nutrition charts thread. That will answer most of your diet questions.

Grass hay (such as timothy, bermuda, bluegrass, etc.) in unlimited amounts.

Plain pellets only and high quality. No crap like Kaytee, Hartz, etc. The only decent brands really are Kleenmama's and Oxbow.

Carrots are more of a treat veggie and while they can have 1 small/medium baby carrot a day, it's better to save them for a 2-3 times a week treat. They need the minimum of 1 cup of veggies per day, primarily leafy greens (see the nutrition charts I mentioned above).

They need Vitamin C because they can't manufacture it themselves but if they eat a variety of veggies, you don't need to supplement. No putting any type of drops in the water either.

Piggly is I
06-11-09, 08:54 pm
She might like to have a friend, its not much harder than taking care of one piggy and would make her happier. keep brushing her long hair (5-6 times a week), make sure no poop balls form around her behid and maybe give her hair cuts. You also don''t have to use bedding you could use fleece, all you have to do is shake it out and stick it in the wash every so often. hope you enjoy having your new pig!

06-12-09, 05:08 am
That is an excellent idea about the bedding, with using fleece. Does it small more doing it that way though?
I will have to think about adding a friend though, right now her cage is NOT big enugh, even for her so I have to figure something out. I am looking at the cavycages you guys build but I have to see where I could fit one. She is already used to going up and down a ramp so I might look into one of those multi layered one's. I will figure something out.
They were putting some sort of vit drops in her water so I will throw that out. I hadn't tried it yet until I talked to someone one here about it. I just got her yesterday.
So far she is doing great!:D

06-12-09, 05:22 pm
Hello and Welcome You will find so much information here on this site about your guinea pigs health, housing and happiness as well as very kind, caring and knowledgeable people. Good luck to you and your pig.

06-12-09, 07:29 pm
I find that fleece smells considerably less than conventional bedding if maintained properly. When doing multilevel cages keep in mind that one level should still meet the minimum for your number of pigs (which is 3x2 for one or two). When and if you look into getting her a friend make sure you look at the sexing page (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm) to make sure she has been properly sexed.

Piggly is I
06-12-09, 08:11 pm
fleece doesn't smell at all and you can even try litter box training, that also cuts back on smell.

06-13-09, 06:13 am
I personally don't use fleece, but I've heard it smells less than regular bedding (if cared for properly) and that the piggers enjoy it as well! It is easier to clean, and saves a TON of money after the orginial investment. Getting her a friend is definitely the way to go-they are healthier and more outgoing when they have a buddy to play with, and it often provides a ton of cute entertainment for you!! Kudos for taking the pig-she will have a far better life now than if she had been sold as food. Good luck!! :)