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Jupiter's Moon
06-11-09, 04:07 pm
Hello my name is Sam and I just finished signing up here.

I've owned G Pigs before as a kid, but now that I've gotten my own place Iam doing research to find out what type of small pet will fit me best. So fart G Pigs are it!

In the past I've raised/breed rats. I used to keep them in my room and over time I began to notice that I had allergies towards them. My lungs would close up and I'd end up in the ER having a breathing treatment done. Which is real sad to me beacuse Rats are my fav and I'd do anything to own one, but it doesn't seem like that can work. I've tried the hairless rats, I've tried different kinds of bedding, fabric, and I haven't seen a change.

So! In the past I haven't noticed any form of reaction to G Pigs. I've held them and haven't seen any red itchy bumps, or felt my lungs tighten up. So that gives me some hope!

As I was doing a Google search I stumbled across this little creature that was so ugly that I couldn't pull my heart away! It was oddly beautiful and I fell in love with it! Its a Skinny Pig! I think they're so freaking cute. Also what draws me to these Skinnys is that they are hailess, well not completely but I think they'd have a lower dander leve? If Im wrong please correct me. But I feel like having a hairless one would help me.

Iam on a journey right now to learn more about proper housing. Basicly what I mean with that statement is I'd like to learn more about building a C&C cage, and what different types of bedding I can use other then Aspen. Im thinking about Puppy training pads. To lower any dander at all. Any ideas would be GREAT!

Right now Iam trying to find a breeder of these Skinny Pigs or find a place that sells them. So far none of the local pet shops around me do. I've googled "skinny pig breeders" and haven't found one that has a current litter of babies for sale. They've all got litters from past years. So If someone could help me out with that also that would be great too!

Well Im off to read more and gain some ideas as to how I want to set up the C&C cage!

Thanks for any help in advance!!

06-11-09, 05:48 pm
Hi and welcome! If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to read the "stickies" at the top of each forum. Most of the info you will need can be found there.

With regard to "skinnies"-- I have two (both rescues/rehomes). I am FAR more allergic to them than I am to my other pigs. Additionally, they are prone to several different health problems not limited to skin issues, cataracts, etc etc etc. Anyone breeding this type of pig on purpose is NOT doing an ethical thing in my opinion.

Additionally, buying a pig from ANY breeder when there are pigs dying by the thousands in shelters and rescues is not something I would recommend.

Have you tried searching craigslist, petfinder, etc for available pigs in your area? For the record, my daughter was allergic to our rats, when we had them. She is ALSO allergic to our pigs, and to our hairless moreso than our "long-haired" pigs.

06-12-09, 05:20 pm
Hello Sam, and Welcome You will find so much information here on this site about your guinea pigs health, housing and happiness as well as very kind, caring and knowledgeable people. Good luck to you and yours.

buying a pig from ANY breeder when there are pigs dying by the thousands in shelters and rescues is not something I would recommend. Have you tried searching craigslist, petfinder, etc for available pigs in your area?

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 02:09 pm
Thank you both for the great advice! My computer is in the midst of being repaired so iam posting using my cell, sorry for any typos.

Well I think I did good. I went onto CL and saw a lady's ad that had 3 pigs to good homes. They where her daughter's who didn't want them any more. That made me mad kinda because to an animal sure be a life long this, not just a temperay fix.
She said "free to good home" and "come with cage, food and acces". So I sent her an email asking if she could bring them to me. She said yes to that and now I have them.

I'm really shocked at how big their cage is. Its a 1 level cage, but its big like 4ft wide, 5ft long? Something like that. I've taken pics of the 3 but can't post them yet due to the computer not working at the moment.

The 3 are great! I'm very happy that I helped these ones out. Who's knows where they could have ended up? I said to her that I'm probably the best person you could hand these over to because ill taken care of them their whole lives. She didn't seem to care that much, but only cared that they'd be gone from her home.

I have 2 fabulous American Pit Bull Terriers. Both my dogs are great witg the 3 lil' pigs. They don't pay any attention to them at all. Of course when I first got them, the dogs wanted to sniff them to see what the lil' balls of fur where, and I made sure that the dogs know that the pigs are to be respected, and that they can't go near the cage unless I say so. 2 weeks of having the guineas and the dogs act like they've been here for years! I'm very pleased.

At first one of the pigs was afraid of my dogs. The lady who had them said her dog always tries to attack them!! But now after some time to get adjusted, and used to my dogs, the guinea pig doesn't mind.

What's been great for me is to watch the piggies become used to me! Brings back some many memories of the ones that I've owned in the past. At first they'd run and hide, but now they'll sit or lay still as I come up to pet them. Sowisa will curl up into a balll on my chest as I pet her. Lisey is still a bit shy but she's still coming around and Barrister (who is a male that's seperated from the girls) is just as curious and friendly as Sowisa. I put a devider in the cage for the time being to seperate the male from females til I can create a bigger cage for them.

I live in an apartment on the 2nd floor. There's a balcony that's a nice size. During the day I take the wiring from their cage and set it up on the balcony. Ill lay a blanket down and bring their food, water and toys out too. And ill sit out their with them all day til it gets dark. They really love it! They do the popcorn thing and run around and just look happy to be outside. I'm always by them and if its too hot ill keep them in. But what's great is that the balcony doesn't get direct sun light. The guinea piga lay on their sides and listen to the cars go by and the birds churping. I'd like to ask if doing this is okay? To me I think it is because I'm supervising them and there aren't many if any bugs. I see an ant here or there but that's it. But I'd still like input.

Sorry for such a long post but I've been super pleased these past 2 weeks. :))

I'm not saying right now, but in the future I'd really like a skinny pig. Maybe someone can help to point me in the right direction?

07-13-09, 02:16 pm
I'm not saying right now, but in the future I'd really like a skinny pig. Maybe someone can help to point me in the right direction?

Find all the shelters near you and ask to be notified if one comes in. :) I'm on lists all around here for puggle dogs, and I have no intention of getting a dog for at least two years, but if the situation presents itself, I want to know!

07-13-09, 02:22 pm
Congratulations on your new pigs. It's a nice feeling to give an unwanted pet a new home. We just took in a pig from a craigslist ad on Thursday. It's hard for me to imagine that my guy could possibly be unwanted. But he has a better, happier home now as I'm sure your new pigs will, too. Kudos to you for researching them first.

I'm sure if you keep your eyes open you will eventually find a skinny pig. Keep checking petfinder periodically. Sadly, as long as someone is breeding them, someone will surrender one to a rescue, shelter, or post an ad on craigslist.

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 02:24 pm
Oh what a good idea! I didn't think about that. Ill do that.

I ment to say in my previous post (it came out wacky) that to me a pet/animal is a life long thing, not temperay.

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 02:32 pm
Thank you! And congrats on you guy too!

In the past when I owned guinea pigs I knew nothing about the vitamine c thing. Before getting these 3 I bought a book, magazine, and did tons of research on proper diet, what's good, what not so good. And what I think is neat is our neighbors have a garden out back that they offered to us to pick whatever we want. At the moments there's red, green and yellow peppers growing, carrots, and a bunch of other stuff too. There's rassberries growing too. So I think that's cool. When the peppers are ready, which will be in a week or so, ill take Sowisa with me. Ill show her where the yummy snack that she's about to eat comes from.

07-13-09, 02:46 pm
Welcome to GPC - my thinking and life in general have changed since finding this site, I hope you find it as wonderful as I do.

Thank you so much for adopting rather than buying! It means alot to the pigs in your care and to everyone here!

Before getting these 3 I bought a book, magazine, and did tons of research on proper diet, what's good, what not so good.

I'm so glad you are doing your research. Please, though, be careful with the information you can find in books and even magazines. They can be old fashioned, and I have found the best information I have ever gotten is on here and on guinealynx.com.

Good luck with your piggies. I know they will bring much joy to your life!

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 03:15 pm
Thank you! You're right about books and mags maybe being old fashion. I've learned this is true by reading Ball Python and Pit Bull books. (I'm a breeder of Ball Pythons, I only sell to other breeders aned hoobists, not to general public) and the most current info that I've found is either online or by going to shows and chatting with others who share the same passion.

I bought the books and magazine after I did online searches, but then my computer kinda crapped out on me so I felt like reading from them to see what they say. Basicly I felt with them that they where more aimed towards beginers, meaning first time pet owners. But that jmo though. I say that because the info was kinda general, if that makes much sene? I believe that there's more in depth knowledge to be found online and show etc.

07-13-09, 08:07 pm
www.guinealynx.info is a great site as well as this one.

Skinny guinea pigs are NOT hypo allergenic. People still develop allergies to them like the hairy guinea pigs.

07-13-09, 08:52 pm
There are a few things you can do help with allergies. First, get the least dusty hay you can find. Kleenmama's bluegrass is the best I have found for allergies. You can order it online. Pigs do need grass hay 24/7, and not the hay cubes. Second, read the sticky in the bedding forum on fleece. Some people are allergic to loose bedding, especially if it is dusty. Third, wash your hands and arms after handling your pigs, and get an air purifier if necessary.

You will find this rescue is heavily pro-adoption/rescue and anti-breeding (definitely for guinea pigs, and in general for other animals as well, which is probably why some people are ranking your posts down). I am very glad that you chose to adopt your pigs. If you haven't already, double check the sex. A lot of people don't do that and end up with accidental litters. One of the reasons this site is so anti-breeding is that guinea pigs very, very often have complications from pregnancies and can easily die.

Be sure to check out the nutrition charts and sample menus in the diet and nutrition section stickies if you haven't already. What kind of pellets are you feeding and how much? Pigs need a lot of fresh veggies, and there is a lot to know about what to feed and in what amounts. Also be sure to line up a vet experienced with guinea pigs and set aside some money for emergencies. Don't forget to weigh your pigs weekly--weight loss is often the first sign of illness.

Contact local shelters and rescues and ask them to notify you when/if they get a skinny pig in. You may have to be patient, but they are out there. But they are not hypoallergenic.

Welcome to the forum, and if you have any questions, just ask. Guinea Lynx and Cavy Spirit are other sites with good information. A lot of books are really bad so be careful with them.

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 10:05 pm
Thanks for the tips. I didn't know posts where rated, but I don't care that much about that anyway.

I know about know about the needs that guinea pigs require. I've done my research enough to feel like I can properly care for them. I'm all set. I do have a scale that I use for my snakes. (the guinea pigs are not snake food. I find there's nothing wrong with owning both. Just want to get that out.) when I first received the pigs they where a little thin, but have now gained a few grams. I won't let them get fat, but ill let them be at a weight that's acceptable for each individual's health.

I know how to sex them and I'm 100% that there's 2 girls 1 boy. I don't want to breed them so they're seperated and content in their new enviornments.

I have no allergic syptoms so far with them. So that's good. I've already researched bedding and have already gotten a low dust level bedding. I actually tried puppy pads for a day just out of curiousity, and because I wanted to see if my theroy would work. I found that they don't work well :) but I'm glade I tried them and now know.

So yeah everything fine with the pigs (they've been vetted) good with bedding and good on diet. And no I don't feed them hay cubes.

07-13-09, 10:13 pm
There are several people here with reptiles... there's nothing wrong with having both at all.

It sounds like you're definitely on the right track overall! I'm glad you haven't had any allergy issues... hopefully it will stay that way.

Puppy pads work wonderfully in combination with fleece. You have to prepare the fleece correctly though. Check out that sticky if you're interested... especially with such a large cage, it would probably save you a lot of money.

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 10:15 pm
I guess I should state that since doing research, reading, talking to people, etc that I have more of an understanding about breeders (not saying all are bad) pet shops etc aren't the best way to go about finding a gp.

Since my first posting (which I laugh at cause I seem like a dumb nob) I've taken my time and attention to do my part to help the problem and to not be a cause of it. That's a reason why I didn't go to a store like petco or some mom and pop shot to get a pig.

I guess I just want to get that out?

Jupiter's Moon
07-13-09, 10:26 pm
Thanks for those hints!

About the puppy pads. I do use them just for the h*ll of it because I still have about 20 left in the bag. I just lind their cage bottom and put the bedding over top. So far its helped to reduce the urine from collecting on the bottom and I think it helps to absorb any oders. Ha plus its a bit easier for me to clean the cage. Ill just grab the 2 sides of the pads and lift it up with bedding in it. It helps to get rid of the messed bedding quicker.
I have a buddy of mine who gives me a discount of 40lb bags of bedding. He and I go to reptile shows together and share a table for our snakes. He owns his own private store that supplies herpers with reptile supplies. I can get a 40lb bag for $2. So as of now that's okay. I've been using this bedding on my snakes for about 10 years. But it didn't dawn on me that I should use it with the GPs because of the lowered amounts of dust and large wood chip pieces. Its working great for me so far too!

I'm having a lot of fun with these 3. They're real funny. Ill prbably jynx it but so far I have been peed or pood on! Lol