View Full Version : Vet Need opinion on this vet please.

06-10-09, 09:45 pm
Animal Clinic of Morris Plains,llc (http://www.animalclinicofmorrisplains.com/index2.html)
Search the site or whatever you need to do, does this seem like an experienced vet? Or, does anyone have experience with this vet? It's Lucky's first vet visit and I want to make sure it's a safe one. Thanks in advance! :)

06-10-09, 10:03 pm
To me it seemed great! They have a specialty in exotic animals. The pictures look great. The doctor's went to great vet schools. (I saw one went to Cornell!) They seem like they would help you with any of your needs!

06-10-09, 10:12 pm
Thanks! That's exactly what I needed! :)

06-10-09, 10:22 pm
A website isn't really going to tell you, honestly.

Sure the pictures look great, and sure they say they've got experience with exotics, but that doesn't mean much. Sure they might, but without actually going there and asking questions/checking things out yourself you just can't know.

To be quite honest, the website seems pretty run of the mill, nothing extraordinary, to me.

This (http://swanimalhospital.net/index.html) is the vet I take my pigs to. The website is ho-hum, but the service there is phenomenal. Point being a website just doesn't paint anywhere near the whole picture.

06-10-09, 10:30 pm
I know, I actually started making a questionnaire yesterday. (; It was between this vet and another one but the other one is a VERY long drive so I wanted to make sure this one seemed ok.