View Full Version : my post never approved

06-08-09, 06:57 pm
The last post I made was never approved. Did I do something wrong? Would I be notified? It was yesterday morning that I posted it, or tried to.

06-09-09, 11:40 am
While you are on "Probie" status all of your posts have to be read and approved by a moderator manually. We are human and we have several other things going on and while we attempt to approve the appropriate posts as soon as possible, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. We do make every attempt to get to everyone's unapproved posts as quickly as we can, so please, have patience.

06-09-09, 01:37 pm
Just to add to what Paula said, there are only 2 of us mods right now that are active on the forum on a daily basis. CavySpirit (owner) is really busy so she just pops on when she can. VJ is on hiatus, PM just recently got married (2 months ago) and she has been really busy, Susan is here when she can be, the same with salana. So that leaves basically just Paula and I to do the day to day things like approve posts, approve members, impactions, deal with threads that need to be moved or prefixes changed and deal with all the behind the scenes stuff. We are 2 people with hundreds of posts to deal with daily and we aren't here 24/7.

We will approve posts as soon as we can get to them.