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06-06-09, 09:30 am
We are an American family living in Japan. We made our C&C cage today with materials purchased from Homac in northern Honshu.

Coroplast -- 798 yen, very affordable, a little small (36" x 72"), but we just made one of the long sides the front and now we can see our pets much better from the couch. Coroplast is also available at Sanwado, but they were asking about 4000 yen for it here.

Cubes--we did not find these, and all the grids we found at Sanwado and Homac had inner squares too large, about 2" square. So we bought heavy duty wire shelving pieces that have only about a 1" space between wires. 6 of 14" x 29" (so 1x2 for a 10.5 area--actually it's closer to 11 square feet, very nice for our two piggies). This was the expensive part unfortunately. It cost about 1700 yen per shelf. But we figure it was still cheaper than ordering them and paying for the shipping from the U.S.
There were less expensive shelving pieces, but the grids went sideways instead of front to back on the shelf, and we were nervous that the boys would climb them and fall out. Maybe they wouldn't but we didn't want to take the chance.
We also found a nifty hanging basket that hooks on top and makes a great hay rack.

Our boys are so much happier in their new home. Especially after being cooped up in a small cage. We adopted them from a family who found out they were allergic to the hay.

Also FYI, timothy hay is available at Sanwado.

Good luck with your building project!

06-06-09, 09:35 am
Welcome! I'm glad they are happy in their new cage. For future reference, you can use the grids with wider holes if you double them up so they overlap (effectively making the holes half the size. You can also use these for a stand.